CPL WT Brazil demos uploaded!

The demos/replays from CPL WT Brazil has been uploaded by CPL. Seems like CPL have learned a lesson and surprised many by uploading the demos directly after the event was finished, good job CPL. There are plenty of good matches to see and learn from. Too bad that the demo playback is not perfect but hopefully they will fix that sometime in the future.

Here are some links to the Grand Final:

border: 1px solid #c7c7c7 alt= src=http://www.team-vip.se/images/flags/nl.gif /> Sander “Vo0” Kaasjager vs border: 1px solid #c7c7c7 alt= src=http://www.team-vip.se/images/flags/us.gif /> Johnathan “Fatal1ty” Wendel

Map: Sacred x 5

_blank href=”http://demos.thecpl.com/World_Tour/Brazil/fnatic_Vo0-fatal1ty.DM_Sacred.28-05-05-17-38-47.zip”>Round 1

_blank href=”http://demos.thecpl.com/World_Tour/Brazil/fnatic_Vo0-fatal1ty.DM_Sacred.28-05-05-17-56-12.zip”>Round 2

_blank href=”http://demos.thecpl.com/World_Tour/Brazil/fnatic_Vo0-fatal1ty.DM_Sacred.28-05-05-18-12-48.zip”>Round 3

_blank href=”http://demos.thecpl.com/World_Tour/Brazil/fnatic_Vo0-fatal1ty.DM_Sacred.28-05-05-18-37-34.zip”>Round 4

_blank href=”http://demos.thecpl.com/World_Tour/Brazil/fnatic_Vo0-fatal1ty.DM_Sacred.28-05-05-18-53-42.zip”>Round 5

The rest of the demos you could find in the WT Brazil catalouge – _blank href=”http://demos.thecpl.com/World_Tour/Brazil/”>http://demos.thecpl.com/World_Tour/Brazil/

The files are now zipped..


dREk – _blank href=”http://www.team-vip.se/”>www.team-vip.se