DM_Blink Beta Version 0.75

DM_Blink Painkiller 1v1 Map

Author: Tectonic


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DM_Blink Version History

Version: 0.75 (6/22/2005)


-MH Room moved closer to SA room
-New teleport configuration – got rid of double-sided teleport
-Extra shotgun ammo removed – Shotguns contain only shotgun ammo on the map

Tell me what you think about the new teleport configuration. Something had to be done about it, and this is what I came up with. It helps reduce telefrags as well as getting rid of the teleport “shuffle.”

This map is about done in terms of gameplay, and I have art under way (not featured in the beta releases), but not near complete. If you want your opinions to make a difference, state them now. Thanks.


As usual, feel free to play on my server, Tectonic 1v1++. The password is scrim.