DM_Blink Beta Version 0.76

DM_Blink Painkiller 1v1 Map

Author: Tectonic


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Extract to ../painkiller/data/

DM_Blink Version History

Version: 0.76 (7/26/2005)


-Large rocket packs exchanged for small rocket packs

That’s it haha. I’ve been working on art, but I’m not going to include art in a public release until the map is done. So for now, you get the ugly version . I have no plans to change any gameplay elements on the map at this point. This is finalized gameplay unless something huge comes up, which I do not forsee. Hope you like it!

If anyone wants to post in support of the map being used on the World Tour, please email CPL|Justin at

Feel free to post your thoughts about the map here or on Vicious’ thread at:;f=30;t=000290