NewPK 0.1

This mod does not want to change too much PK’s gameplay, it just try to make it more fair and fun.
I made it because PK is a game i liked a lot (even if its obviously not perfect:) and it was sad to see it dying hated by so much people.
Remember this is a 0.1 version: everything is still in testing and could be changed.

NewPK 0.1 features

-New Stakegun damage system: if you have between 1 and 10 stakes ammo (like when you spawn;), your stakes damage will be 100; if you have more than 10 stakes ammo, your stakes damage will be 165 and stakes will have a flaming graphic effect.

-Telefrags removed

-Weapons balance changes:
.Removed Electro esponential damage increase (that made it so overpowered)
.Electro + Driver combo is back! The electrified shuryken inflicts lot of damage in a small area for few seconds but requires 50 Electro ammo.
.Shurykens explode on impact; explosions damage reduced.
.25% increase in stake-nade blast and 12% increase in its radius.
.Doubled Freezer bolt speed.
.Decreased Painkiller combo damage from 300 to 150.
.Increased damage and radius of Boltgun/Heater.
.Increased SMG damage.

-New version of PK maps: these maps have some small changes to fit properly the NewPK gameplay features (to list all changes would be too long…the most “untouched” map is Sacred anyway).
.Completed ones: DM_New_Psycho, DM_New_Q3DM6, DM_New_Absinthe, DM_New_Sacred, DM_New_Meatless.

NOTE: if you dont have the base DM_1v1_meatless and DM_q3dm6_pain maps you will have problems running the “New” versions!
Download them from the following links (and put the .pkm files in Paikiller/Data folder):

-Jumpad bug fixed

-Increased Bronze armor’s protection from 33% to 40%

-New customizable HUD (look below for the console commands)

-Hitsounds and killsound

-Binded “vote yes” and “vote no” commands to F1 and F2

-Added Minigun to PCF gamemode

-DMPCF_Mandra2 included: best map for PCF gamemode

-Fixed Voosh gamemode (missing weapons added)

-Secret MP player models unlocked

More info in the readme.txt inside the .rar

Download NewPK 0.1 from HERE