Hiho, maybe someone still remember me. I am GodofShaolin aka MaxistXXL. While breakfast the idea of PK-CUP come into my mind. Rules and so on follow soon, but I need ur help. I need servers. Maybe I can save ROD-DUEL, but one should be not enough. So if u own flatrate, >=2Mbit and PK 😉 write to 201135609(ICQ) or

so long

The mod to use will be newPK, because PK++ isnt supported anymore and we have to support newPK to get a mod as good as PK++. U can use both mods, just install PK++ and afterwards newPK, it works.
I wrote a perl-script, which will add autoexec, switch configs and load the right Mod, if u are interested …


If u ask urself what is happen, i decide to wait a short time, so we can use newPK 0.3, supporing rocketfix and maybe warmupdamage. Mason is also looking 4 prices, maybe he will found some.