Trickjumpvideo PKJAM by Uuber

Uuber from the american PK-clan “SLIPKNOT” made a Trickjumpvideo from DM_Illuminati and DM_Absinthe. Its called “Painkiller Jumps and More”.

Check it on Google-Video here.
Or download it (45MB) from SYSs server here (need DivX).

You can post your thoughts in the comments or in the DC forum here.

Merry Christmas !!!

Hey, PK m8s 🙂
Me and the Painkiller euro team wishing you a merry christmas and a happy new year. In my opinion we can look back at a great Painkiller year with very much good news like the nice little Funcups and now the ESL Ladder. I hope you enjoy it.
I hope that we can get more succesfull years in the future.
So merry christmas and a happy new year again 🙂

#pk.2on2 2on2 pickup soon !

Hi m8s, i reopened [b]#pk.2on2[/b] just for fun cause pk 2on2 is very funny 🙂 I will organized echbot to create a 2on2 pickup for everyone. I hope some people join to have some fun ! And dont forget the ESL pk reopening Cup is today 17.12.2006 @ 15:00 CET ! You have to stay in [b]#ESL.painkiller[/b] in IRC Quakenet ! HF AND GL 🙂

Painkiller back @ESL

Painkiller is back at ESL.
“All info regarding upcoming ladders, tournaments etc. will be announced shorty in the news and/or this forum.
You can already join the 1on1 Ladder and the 1on1 Re-Opening Cup.”

After some great Painkiller fun-cups, many players waited for ESL painkiller. Also some people are working at Painkiller to make it a better game. So if you are interested in competing join #ESL.painkiller there you can get all the information you need.
More ESL Painkiller admins will be announced soon.

PK++ Downgraded

Guys, since there were no server versions of PK++, I have downgraded PK++ via Steamfish to If you remember this version is compatible with VPK servers, and is also the version distributed in the open source package.

There is no real advantage as far as I can tell to having locked netcode as in In fact, just denies servers for newbies, and does not encourage download of PK++, moreover it complicates things for newbies.

ESL Painkiller Ladder 1v1 soon !

If you want to take part @ ESL Painkiller Ladder Join [b]#esl.painkiller[/b] ! We need people there to get the Ladder back ! The chances are good so I think we can get the Ladder back. Also it would be nice if all Painkiller players would write a comment @ !
Please register at and perform the IRC Channel [b]#esl.painkiller[/b] ! The ESL admins want to see people in IRC Channel so gogogo :)!

Painkiller PK++ Funcup #3

Hey guys please sign up in mIRC Quakenet [b]#pk.1on1[/b] at Sunday [b]10.12.2006[/b] ( /query mason“ )between 15:00 and 17:30 ! If you cant connect to mIRC Quakenet you are not allowed to play the cup. You can download mIRC at install and connect to the server Quakenet and join the Channel #pk.1on1 (/join #pk.1on1 ! ) More infos about the Cup in #pk.1on1 between 15:00 and 17:00 !

Video: Painkiller Ownzone

In his illiterate speil, Artas1984 has announced a new MP video to watch

[q]My first Painkiller multiplayer video, sorta tribute to the multiplayer, after all these multiplayer videos around (and not much of them are anyway) i got what it needs for a such video. The footage was taken from demorecords recorded in November 2006, but the quality is good. Putted some good music (you cant bash Queen and Pink Floyd) since i was tired from death metal music like a tradition to be faetured in Painkiller. I guarantee the video wont disapoint, i included footage from lots of maps (not like people like to record only Sacred, Meatless, Psycho and Absinthe) and different gamemodes. Frags variete from funny frags (the ones noobzs put me in) to some double and tripple mid air rockets or mid-air spawn rockets. The outro (after the main frags contains a footage of the MP immunity secret rocket jumps).
Well, you dont have plenty vids to watch of PK, so WTH are you waitin for? Downlaod![/q]
JeffK is alive and well it seems. You can download the video to watch here:

OWNZONE High Quality (340 MB)
OWNZONE Low Quality (95 MB, will be removed after a while)

State of Play

Just to summarise on details of the code, DCs and PCFs positions etc:

1. Since the code developed includes licenced copies of the Havok engine, it cannot be re-distributed without breaking the licensing agreement.

2. Most of the modding has taken place by hacking changes to the LUA, and in some places guessing/probing the structure of the EXE/DLL code. Within the LUA, you are unable to change the core of the code, such as network code.

3. Editing the code to create playback demos *should* be the equivalent of allowing the client to connect in a passive mode to a virtual server (i.e. netdemo). Ideally this is done at the network level (within the core). A work-around might be to run a server and have bot-actors move around based on logged position/velocity data from the LUA only. Basically for such a process you would have to log every event and all the entity positions and states often enough for a smooth playback. During PK++ development this was started, but delayed since it looked as though PCF might finish their work.

4. PCF do not own the code, DC do (both the code and the branding). PCF were contracted lastly to work on the XBox version, but are now working on new projects along with their new publisher THQ. DC were recently ACQUIRED by JoWooD. DC havent given any clear indication yet of Painkiller 2, but if they do it will not be developed by PCF.

5. Multiplayer within PK was only ever thought of at a late stage for something that could be done with the SP game. The amount of time and effort put in was minimised on the MP part. This was also true for any commitments to the CPL, most of which were not even a real concern of PCF. The CPL were driven to use PK mainly because of the opportunity to have CPL branding on a retail game (regardless of whether it was popular in the MP community or not).

6. Neither DC nor PCF had sufficient testing facilities for MP testing. Most of the MP code had minimal one-off testing which explains the vast number of bad bugs seen.

7. Netcode after version 1.35 was an attempt to improve the number of players on the server, as well as allowing more configuration for different types of connection. Following a beta test (run by pkeuro), no more work took place on the netcode, and it was left. Further improvements could have been made, particularly either if PCF had continued the work, or had the netcode code been made available to mod developers. If the latter had been the case, we might have seen something compariable in terms of netcode to Quakeworld or similar by now.

8. Rocket jumping in 1.62 was broken due to some false testing. This issue was only resolved in PK++. Additionally many of the other bugs still exist in VPK, such as mis-timing on items, random telefrag kills, no spectator HUD, and so on.

Should We Petition?

Should we petition DC that the improvements to PK which took place to convert it to the XBox, be released as a patch for PK to improve it?

Having seen PK on the XBox in the previous news post, and being aware that a large amount of work has gone into improving and optimising the game to be able to run so slicky on this platform, should we ask whether the PC version is updated? It would be interesting to know whether netcode improvements occured too.