Vo0 wins CPL Turkey Qualifier!

Again Vo0 has proven that he is the best Painkiller player of the world. He has just won the grandfinal versus Fatal1ty in two rounds!

fnatic/Vo0 > Fatal1ty
sacred: 24-12
absinthe: 19-14

Other coverage:

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0 thoughts on “Vo0 wins CPL Turkey Qualifier!

  1. Should have been some demos, was some awsome matches :))

    The final was almost boring, vo0 made it seem so easy xD

  2. finally some sort of centralized coverage site.

    CPL has lacked this for so long. Is there some sort of bracket on the site for the tournament?

    Seems like they should also have some sort of running total for how many points the competitors have earned throughout the tour.

    Hope all of this is in there, i’ll be checking this after work 🙂

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