Painkillers First IRC Scorebot

PiTaGoRaS has released the first IRC scorebot to take advantage of the new Server information provided by the 1.61 patch. The BOT is nicely put together with a very good website to support it. The presentation of the scores etc looks something along the lines of:

*** PiTaBOT v0.65 started ***

Server: My server (v1.61)
Mode: Duel
Players: 2/2
Map: DM_Sacred
Timelimit: 15
Currently playing:
fnatic\Vo0 score: 0 latency: 12
SK|zyz score: 0 latency: 10

You can find this new application at sourceforge HERE. If you come across any, please let PiTaGoRaS know of any bugs you find in our forums HERE. PiTaGoRaS is continuing to expand the bot once new server information is supported. We may see some extras once 1.62 is out 🙂

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0 thoughts on “Painkillers First IRC Scorebot

  1. Now that’s what we have been waiting for 😀
    Good job PiTaGoRaS. Now, when 1.62 comes out with linux server and someone will work on PKTV, the game will be ready for spectators 🙂

  2. Nice work PiTaGoRaS.
    I’ll take a look into the source code and try to adjust it a little. I hope that’s ok 😉

  3. Got it set up and tested it tonight. Works very well. Id like to see an inclusion of which gun they use to kill the opponent but its a start 🙂

  4. I’m sorry to say that this isn’t actually possible, the server doesn’t give that info. Hope this changes in future versions…

    The source code is open to everyone who wants to cooperate or release their own version, as long as the original name and credits are not changed 🙂

  5. you can get the WB finals from fnatic and gotfrag but the grand finals :S dunno. Not really worth a 500mb ropey stream rip tho.

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