Patch 1.62 Released Tonight!

News just in from DreamCatcher. The next patch (version 1.62) for Painkiller has been released tonight at 1pm EST (6pm UK Time). The patch will also contain the long awaited Linux server which will hopefully begin the proliferation of servers throughout the world at a greater pace then before. The main patch weighs in at 110mb while both the WIN and Linux standalone servers are 120mb. Note that you HAVE to have v1.61 installed before you install v1.62 to get it working.

The update includes a readme which looks like this:

– CHANGE: Linux server updated to 1.62.
– CHANGE: Additional minor physics tweaks to match 1.35.
– CHANGE: Improvements to visual artifacts caused by high lag.
– CHANGE: Shotgun horizontal knockback reduced slightly.
– CHANGE: Cfg.NetcodeEnemyPredictionInterpolationFactor added to allow adjustments to enemy position prediction (default 0.66).
– CHANGE: Removed hallway collision models in maps DM_Psycho, Absinthe and Sacred to facilitate faster player movement.
– FIX: Demo recording FPS dropping issues.
– FIX: Demo playback resetting to Main Menu no longer occurs.
– FIX: FPS drop collision issue on map DM_Psycho fixed.
– FIX: Getting stuck issue on maps DM_Psycho and Sacred fixed.
– FIX: Random drop on demo playback bug corrected.
– FIX: Spectators going through portals now works correctly.
– FIX: Double teleportation visual now fixed.
– FIX: Staked grenade explosions behind walls no longer work.
– FIX: Map changes while demo recording no longer cause crashes.
– FIX: Miscellaneous sound playback issues.
– FIX: Minor Windows incompatibility error for some users.
– FIX: Weapon fire prediction FXs.
– FIX: Automatically firing after respawn.

NOTE: Version 1.62 includes all changes and enhancements from previous Painkiller updates. Also note, installing this patch will break any previous savegames that are not autosaves or saved in version 1.61.

As always, well keep this news post upto date with links as to where you can grab the files. Check back for your best host if you find the initial ones hammered to death 😉







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0 thoughts on “Patch 1.62 Released Tonight!

  1. pk++ it doesnt work if you have it installed you actually load up 1.61 since it load up a pak file with 1.61 code.. so you can have 1.61 and 1.62 on the same folder 😉

  2. I got demo record+playback working on a local listen server.

    But if I join a dedicated lan server and want to record from there the playback doesn’t work. It loads the demo file, then I can see for 4 secs the map and then it quits to mainmenu with “Game loaded” in the upper left corner.
    Somebody got this too?

  3. ./pkserver: /lib/ version `GLIBC_2.3\’ not found (required by ./pkserver)

    jesus fuck christ, please include a README at least with all the dependancies in it… :\\ Now we gotta find the libraries on our own

  4. When will pk++ be released.. Minimod is already out!! What about 0.4 that you mentioned some week ago.. ? Please work hard so we can have a great mod again with the new features in 0.4!

  5. drekama:

    When will pk++ be released.. Minimod is already out!! What about 0.4 that you mentioned some week ago.. ? Please work hard so we can have a great mod again with the new features in 0.4!

    When it’s ready

  6. i only started playing since the 1.61 patch and thought multiplayer was great fun (apart from the crashes and demos not running) now the demos run but with no hud or xhair :]
    as im fairly new to the game and did not play the 1.35ver could somebody explain this to me pls!

    “Additional minor physics tweaks to match 1.35”

  7. nice mirrors…
    only the last works for me with 14 kb/s …
    on 2 others i need to reg.
    on 1 i have got a error
    and the first is overload..

  8. Raven – 1.35 has bad netcode, but it had different physics. In later patches physics engine was simplified to tweak netcode issues (basically whole netcode was rewritten and it affected physics). So now PCF/Dreamcatcher try to make physics being more alike 1.35 on new netcode.

  9. I’ve trouble starting the PK linux server, the only “error” I get is “Server initialization failed!”.
    – no documentation
    – no logs
    – no adequate error message
    – b*llsh*t out-of-the-box config.ini for pk linux server

    GG PCF

  10. Anyone know the command so i can have hitsound and killsound using minimod? I can not activate them 🙁

  11. Linux dont have the CPL Maps! (2 all Admins)
    & (maybe 1) Filefront Patch (like in 1.61) dont workZ
    THX 4 return to 1.35 Physics, but most Mappingbugs still in the Game & FPS-Low on 8xAGP (30FPS = fuck Acid & Water just change it 2 Lava!!!!!) PlaeSEEEE

  12. Ztrider – 1.35 needs more bandwidth and lower ping to comfortable playing so I believe it has worse netcode than 1.5 and newer patches. I guess you have good connection to net and simplifying the netcode didn’t improve anything for you 🙂

  13. jesus christ, this is piece of crap, nothing more. this linux server is maybe good in duel, but still when many players on the server (FFA, large TDM or sth) FPS go looooooooow… yep.

    P.S. to PCF? when the next patch will be released? 😛

  14. Really like this new patch, movement is much easier and I really like it. Only minus I can find is the demoplay that is a bit buggy.

  15. how about just…forget about pk?

    soon we have the year full, a whole year of a game that doesn’t give us back what we deserve for our like 40€…

  16. What are you guys running your linux servers on ? Debian (stable, unstable or testing), Red Hat (FC1, 2 or 3), Suse, Mandrake, Slackware etc ? Thanks.

  17. 1.62 have good CodinGG! Good Job!
    Linux is damned HOT!
    reataliator believe me!!!! the LinuxServer we played was oldshool TechniQ! On a highend PC (i believe) we can play more the 8 People.
    Dobra Game
    Gutes Gra

  18. @Ard Righ
    I’ve tested the server on two machines, both Debian.
    First machine has a rather new Debian (minimal (testing) installation with a 2.4.27 kernel). On this machine the PK server can’t start and gives a “Server initialization failed!” error.
    The second machine runs an older woody Debian installation upgraded to testing with a 2.4.18-bf2.4 kernel. Here the PK server starts without problems. So…wtf is the problem?

    Both PK Server installations are identical (copied them 1:1 from one system to the other).
    The new machine is an AMD machine, the older one has an Intel Celeron…

  19. sorry for bad english

    1.62 bugs:

    getting stuck on absinthe (near rl in silver armor room) and sacred (before gold armor)

    in menu if you click on “sign the pact” button, “resume game” button hidden

    drop chaingun sounds

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