PKEURO presents PK++ 0.8

Today, PK++ 0.8 has been released. This update has several new features like warmup damage, PK Rocket Jump Fix (only in ProPlus mode), some low graphics settings, … Please bear in mind 0.8 is still a beta version. I suggest you to read to readme located in \Bin\PK++Documentation.ZIP. If you have questions/suggestions, contact us at Read the full list of fixes and features below:

ADD: WarmUp damage, 100/200, item pickup, infinite ammo, all weapons – \warmupdamage 0/1
ADD: ProPlus PK Rocket Jump fix! \rocketfactor and \rocketfactororder. Test differences on dedicated server. See included document and readme.
ADD: \serverpassword – sets server password.
ADD: Advanced PiTaBOT Scorebot Support –
ADD: MOTD Support for servers. Set in Cfg.MOTD, semicolon for line return
ADD: Hitsounds / killsounds in spectator HUD
ADD: Console commands/netsettings gui disable, Cfg.TournamentSettings = true/false
ADD: Low graphics settings –
ADD: NoExplosions [0/1]
ADD: NoBlood [0/1]
ADD: NoGibs [0/1]
ADD: NoSmoke [0/1]
ADD: NoSpawnEffects [0/1]
ADD: NoFlames [0/1]
FIX: Teamscores not resetting correctly on clients
FIX: Initial health/armour in warmup incorrect until first hit
FIX: PCF TIMER BUG! Items were not respawning on time because of PCF coding
FIX: Bots cheating in Voosh
FIX: Non-daily log file missing file extension
FIX: Extremely rare overtime bug
FIX: Minor map restart issues
CHANGE: Minor reformatting on weapon statistics
CHANGE: Faster authenication for PK++ clients on servers
CHANGE: Duelqueue tweaked (tied game doesnt exchange players)
CHANGE: Rcon / Ref, confirmation / errors returned to client
CHANGE: Bot respawn set a fraction longer

If you want to know what this rocket jump fix is all about, read Painkiller.pdf in PK++Documentation.ZIP. As usual, download the update via Steamfish. If you dont have a previous version of PK++, download Steamfish installer first and run it or download the full install.
Have Fun!

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0 thoughts on “PKEURO presents PK++ 0.8

  1. I got already low graphics settings ^^ it’s all blurry and nearly no fx, I’ll see how this changes my gameplay with those new settings *g*

  2. For the rocket settings, I’m not sure why the defaults are so low. To me, the rocketjumps in the defaults seem bad.. they slow you down rather than giving the small boost you get in 1.35.

    Anyway, id1o and I tested for about an hour in warmup mode and we think you guys should try:

    rocketfactor 50
    rocketfactororder 0.1

    This seems to be practically perfect.. feels like 1.35 πŸ˜€

    Havent played any matches yet though, going to try it in a couple 1v1’s asap.

    GREAT WORK ON THE MOD GUYS. PK++ team has done more for PK recently than PCF. Keep up the work!

  3. dling! since i’ve not tested it(@ work), does anybody know if it’s still possible to gain speed with wall-rocketing as in 1.35?

  4. Hmm.. on second thought, it seems the default is actually pretty good. I’m not sure I can tell the difference between the default and the settings I posted above, so I’m just going to leave it at the default.

  5. Tectonic, any positive values of RF and RFO, where RF^RFO are of similiar orders of magnitude will have the same effects at the extremes of horizontal and vertical rocket shots. Your 50^0.1 ~= 0.6^1.. what you are changing though is the curve fitting to the 1.35 data points between these two extremes. The rl behaviour that you are affecting are the mid-pitch rockets which are mostly used in rocket fights – and of course you need other people to test this fully.

    Be careful about increasing the value of RF^RFO too much though… even though the rocket jumps might feel easier, if RF^RFO is too high, firstly more lazy lower inclined RJ’s will be possible (not reflective of 1.35), which will make the differentiation between RJ and rocket fights harder – in effect you will be damaging rocket fights without knowing it (sounds familiar? πŸ™‚ )

    I urge you to read the PDF in Painkiller\Bin\PK++Documentation.ZIP and if nothing else (I know you have πŸ™‚ ), look at Figure 2. Imagine a series of points from bottom left to top right; these represent the behaviour of the rocket due to; the spherical models, the rockets, and various other factors in 1.35. The curves drawn represent the matching of the new rocket behaviour to the 1.35 points. The defaults for ProPlus simply fit a line to the points (which *might* be the closest fit?), values of RFO greater than 1 are represented by the curves drawn on this graph. If values of RFO less than 1 are used the curves are convex (not shown).

    To fully test this you need to test only on dedicated server, under four criteria:

    1. Forward rocket jump
    2. Backwards rocket jump
    3. Off-the-wall rocket pushback
    4. Rocket fights

    Tweaking would match the behaviour to desired/1.35, but the defaults are good. By all means experiment and give feedback.

  6. cpl support for serverside pk++ would be cool.. so that we know what we have to play for train or something. cuz playing right now on a pk++ server doesnt make sense, when u wanna participate at cpl :>

  7. kanizzle, I cannot stress enough that RJ tweaking is ONLY currently for ProPlus mode and testing, and default PK++ mode and gameplay is CPL’s current settings.

  8. yeah, I forgot to mention this point too:
    Cfg.NoSimpleItems [0/1] please , and possibly I can tweak my ~fps up above 60fps ingame \o/

  9. “is it now possible to die in warmup? or what does mean warmup damage?”

    This just means you are not invincible in warm up so you can tell how much damage you are doing to the other guy. Just like q3 warmup πŸ™‚ Thanks for putting this in blowfish!!!! I think this has to be about the best mod ever as far as turnover time goes πŸ™‚

    I just requested warmup mode last week and here it is πŸ™‚ You keep impressing me, thanks for all your work.

    As for the rocket jumping tweaks, do they affect how players only speed up when you shoot a rocket at them? I haven’t read the readme yet (@work), but I thought i’d ask.

  10. amazing job with this one guys. everything is done really well. i have ONE problem.

    the past few weeks ive been playing the bots a lot to build up my aim, movement, reflexes and knowledge of the maps. i just played my week 8 match in CAL and raped the guy so I guess it helped BUT, I just played a bot again just now and I have one problem.

    The bots BS you like all the time. I was aware of this before with stakes that were totally impossible but, I played on ballistic cuz I felt like it. Ballistic has weapons EVERYWHERE so I noticed this.

    The BS of the stake gun * 1000 = BS of all other guns

    When they have rockets, shotgun or electro it’s really annoying and difficult to play. I dunno if its possible but either turn down their aim a little OR put difficultly levels in like in UT. After awhile I got used to how good he was and adapted but I know at some points I’m just gonna wanna practice aim and not getting the hell away from a bot firing 3 different weapons at me in the span of 3 seconds. Thanks.

    Great job though! I love the warmup mode! and the PITA support! Hopefully we’ll see some more PK Scorebots and once Turkey comes around next week, we’ll see a big jump in the community!

    I look forward to your next update!

  11. xandeR, regarding the bots, of course it is possible to change their aiming skill using the \botskill 1-10 comand. You will find their performance improves also if you turn off their chat (botchat 0), and there are a few other settings to use. As always you can find these listed in the readme.

    Perhaps it could be argued the bots show some home-truths about PK and about the maps. However it should be noted that they are better with non-predictive weapons than predictive. Certain weapons require the bot to predict aim based on the velocity of the target, the velocity of the projectile, the effect of gravity on the projectile, the effect of gravity on the target, the adjustment for vertical deltas between target and client, account for difference in how weapons should be used, and predict whether given these effects, the target is likely to be airbourne or back on the ground by the time the projectile hits. The amount of prediction is based on the time to target, which is in turn based on the speed of the projectile.

    Given all this, some weapons are more effective than others, and yes certainly stake is one of them. It could be argued though that the bot’s prediction errors are equivalent to the difficulty for human players in using those weapons. The only way the bot cheats for aiming is that its reaction time is small, and that it’s aiming fov is very high. Other than that the bot doesn’t cheat with physics, and doesn’t cheat using wallhacks. The small advantages he does have hopefully counterbalance that he is only a machine. Of course, remember that the bots are version 1.0 and a bit, if that. Work on the bots was put to one side while other issues were addressed (such as in this version).

    I have to mention though that the bots playing behaviour can be greatly improved by constructing new waypoint files. Details of how to do this are in the readme, and contribution on this would be greatly appreciated.

    Ultimately, the bots are meant for warming up against, to play on maps for practice, and to keep servers ticking over in terms of player count (making up numbers for tdm, providing playing experience for newbies).

    puppetmasta ‘As for the rocket jumping tweaks, do they affect how players only speed up when you shoot a rocket at them?’ In theory, the rockets in proplus now behave like they *should* do. There’s a 5-page PDF of notes on the change in the readme zip which should make pleasant bedtime reading :p

    ‘I think this has to be about the best mod ever as far as turnover time goes :)’ Well certainly most of the BIG issues on the original todo-list are now complete. The intention is that version 0.9 will mostly be bugfixes, which should bring us neatly to 1.0.

    Mikedie, ZeriouS; our experience is that it was the particle based game entities have the largest effect on fps, much more so than item models – and possibly when you need fps most; in fights. Simpleitems are on the list, but it is unlikely to give you as much of an fps boost as the ones in this version – be careful not to idealise them for the wrong reasons.

    semicolon, our understanding is that pcf have been, and are, working on demo code, hence it would be counterproductive to duplicate effort which is taking place elsewhere. Not to mention that writing the code from lua would be equivalent to trying to paint the Eiffel Tower with a toothbrush.. it’s not the right tool for the job, although not technically impossible.

  12. This version is G R E A T. The ADD: NoSmoke [0/1] makes the shotgun usable again and ADD: NoExplosions [0/1] really gives a boost for rocketfights. Finally my comupter can handle this game to:D
    And all the other tweaks for that matter is great to!

    What if you make the explosion-cmd more like in qw(fuhquake)? I mean, instead of an explosion you can have blood our something so you still can the that it is an explosion right there but the fps won’t go down to 20.

    What you do for the community are amazing, I can’t even think of playing without pk++:)

    Keep the good work up, and thanks again!

  13. good job… looking forward to try this later today. is there going to be pktv sooner or later? who’s working on it if so?

  14. Sweet lads. Gj. All we are really waiting for now is PCF to sort the demo code… and PKTV and the jobs a goodun. Yet another good update guys.

  15. Agreed. We definately need improved demo code now. And if it matters, some of the fixes of 1.61/1.62 still don’t work here (still crashing on demo playback when level changes, still kicked back to the menu when starting some (newly recorded) demos).

  16. Mieheg…

    why can’t you provide some more details on your fps lag so they can try and work out why this is happening to you..

    try and be helpful since they’re putting so much effort in to make this game playable for us.

  17. yep, low graphic settings are nice. about bots… hmm… i think the main problem is that they cheat πŸ˜› even Vo0 doesn’t have such aim πŸ˜› they very often make air frags with rockets in normal games, airstakes as well, they’re almost invulnerable on electrodriver (because of their cheated moves ;P ) etc. etc.


  18. By the way — you have since proven, and shown alot of dedication to this mod. This mod has gone beyond the call of duty.

  19. Had tonight my first server crash with Painkiller, something to do with this Mod?

    “Script Error: Main\\\\GameMP.lua:653:OnMultiplayerServerTick”

  20. blowfish, i think this is right what you said, you gotta know the details about improving game fps. And finally I got some settings, so that infight I got ~100fps πŸ™‚

  21. yeahh…. i messed with botskill and the bots get so horribly gay after a while. the only setting that allows me to do what i need to do is 1 cuz everyother setting involves me flying out of a tele and getting staked in midair within a tenth of a second of flying out. yeah….i’ll stick with 1.

  22. worre: i know they’re bots, but i say that they move completely unnatural. u can recognize in one second that u fight with bot, not human opponent. that’s not good IMO.

  23. Sorry lads but after playing a few matches last night i have noticed an error. When in a rocket fight i will fire off multiple rockets and approx 3/10 times i hear the “rocket firing” noise but no rocket?!?!?

    I know theres like a reload delay but even after waiting 2/3 seconds it STILL fires the noise but no actual rockets, this caused me serious hassle in a few matches.

    Im not sure if this has already been reported or whether its just happeneing for me. Could even be a serevr side thing rather than a PK++ thing but its only happened since 0.8 :S

  24. you recognize them in 1 second because you know there are bots . This bloke didn’t:
    pureDJiTH: yeah you cheat and you don’t have any friends
    Cosmo crucified pureDJiTH.
    pureDJiTH: haha you got owned
    pureDJiTH: cu@lan noob
    PureDJiTH chickened and left the arena.

  25. Flikblade, this doesn’t sound like anything to do with pk++.

    retaliator , this is a sparring program, similar to the reality of playing against humans. The bots follow the same basic rules, rules like gravity. What you must learn is that these rules are no different than the rules of a real opponent. Some of them can be bent. Others can be broken. Understand? Then hit them… if you can.

    In all seriousness, bots are merely adaquate Turing Machines and will never be a substitute for a human opponent, and inherently work differently; though it is always possible to improve the illusion. That said I should highlight again that bot movement around a level can be greatly improved by simply reconstructing the waypoint files (which were compiled in a very short space of time). If you really want to see improved human-esque movement around the map as a whole, then this is where to look.

  26. I like these bots, and i won\’t play against them on highest skill a longer time πŸ˜‰
    And thx for the serverpassword function in rcon, this is really usefull for me.
    I have set Cfg.BotQuickRespawn = false now, and the server seems to run stable.

  27. bug:
    in this Version the PCF mode doesnΒ΄t work anymore.
    The rocketjump high seems to be as the same as in the other modes (FFA,duel etc.)

  28. When i play with my friend on lan, he be a server , first match all be good , but after restart map , my friend have low fps and no hud, only timer and ping rise up =(

  29. blow bud.. ive had alot of complaints that match mine now.. that have only becoma apparent since o.8.

    miked, me, elemental, several sparring mates.. might be worth lookin into. only other thing it could be apart from ++ is the server itself

  30. restartmap doesn’t work if the current map has already finished. i mean, it does restart the map without reloading it, but a few seconds after, it changes to the next map set.

  31. These are all resolvable, but if you have bugs, email them with more details to

    In short though.
    GiTLeR, it’s likely that your friend is not using 0.8
    Flikblade, this has been a problem on the pk todo-list since 0.4, it’s to do with the weapon prediction in pk malfunctioning (i.e. the client thinks it fires a rocket but for some reason on the server it hasn’t).
    wide, if the next map is different it will reload the next map not restart it. The initial respawn is a temporary work-around.

  32. every server i have been on today i have experienced rocket and grenade fire delay also this random lagg that drags you around the map making it impossible to play then theres the sound bugs from the rockets i mean if a games not playable with 20 ping and 100 fps solid……

  33. ADD: Cfg.RocketFix option for ProPlus rocket fix in non-ProPlus gamemode


    is the rocketfix kind of moderately on?

  34. The rocketfix will not be used for turkey as Justin stated on the cpl forums. And I would wait for an official statment from cpl about it before playing with it.

  35. Ok it is kind of moderately out. With /rocketfix 1 u can activate the fix..

    i played it evenly against Bots and is really nice! 1.35 FEELING is back!! *happy*

  36. ah thx i forgot this steamfish updater, I always use the offline full install, because my PK PC @home has no internet connection.

  37. It’s possible to use a no-cd exe to start pkmod++?
    I’m very tired to put the dvd everytime… do you have a solution?

  38. I am getting a fps bug on all maps. About 2 mins into the match my fps drops to 25-26 fps. i am running a 6800 ultra and 2 gigs system memory with an fx-53(amd) it isnt my computer. But it always happens at the 2 min. mark into the map. Please contact me with any questions you have about this bug so it can get resolved.

  39. 2pk++ crew:

    Fix Cfg.DecalsStayTime OFF (marks on walls disable). It’s not saved.

    Fix fragmessage.
    For example: enemyname is BOT. Fragmessage – “You fragged BOTl”.

  40. LAust its not low fps but fps drops
    i got it too – normaly on my settings i get over 300fps, caped to 125, but in game i get drops to 60-80

  41. Please see the difference between a Pk++ bug and a vpk bug, not every single bug you can find in this game is because of pk++.

  42. i haven’t seen anyone posting about this “bug”, so i’ll describe it:

    i was playing with a bot and just before the final second left to begin the match, i threw a grenade from the upper left part of the main teleport room in Sacred.
    After the map “restarted”, i spawned at the right side corner in the main teleport room, but surprise, the grenade i threw before the match started killed me.

    any idea?

  43. hehe, well yes, that sux.

    thx for the info worre, and since it’s been there for that long(1.5), is more likely that it won’t be fixed anytime soon.

  44. I have set botminplayers on my server to 0. Now i get: Overtime 2 min, Time left 1 minute(s),Overtime 2 min, Time left 1 minute(s),…
    Playtime was 782 min(s)…

  45. I`ve got a prob with the bots!
    I have this prob since the first release with the bot!
    I started PK and made a server with DM_Sacred, then a bot joined, but after 5-10 sec I got an error and then the game quit! That`s why I set bot_minplayers = 0! But now I`d like to try it again, but when I set bot… = 1 no bot joins! And I dont think that I changed anything else! I have got the german-cut version of PK and the latest patch(=1.62) and PK++ 0.8! And the new scoretable doesnt work too! It would be very kind of you if you can help me!

  46. Thanks guys for the feedback on the fps drops. There’s a few possibilities for what it causing this as a result of the low gfx/higher fps – most of them relate to finding bugs within PCF code (core and/or netcode). For that reason we’re going to temporarily disable the settings to stabalise all other issues, and ensure that the increased fps drops are related to the low gfx settings, which shouldn’t take long.

    rulaman, fixed.

    Schorsches, the first error sounds like 0.8, which was fixed in the current version.

    If you set botminplayers 1, then the minimum number of players on the server below which bot are added, is already met, which is 1 (you) – therefore no bots are added. The bot in this case would be added if you left the server, then the number of players becomes 0. The logic is explained in the readme, but it is common sense mostly.

    New scoreboard requires a game restart, as it says in the console help. If there is some other error you need to actually say what it is.

  47. i have problem , when i set Fastest settings , my enemy are ONLY white color , i try change in config ini etc, no effect. video card Geforce 4mx 440

  48. the code for low special effects is bugged. these variables:

    Cfg.NoBlood = false
    Cfg.NoExplosions = true
    Cfg.NoFlames = false
    Cfg.NoGibs = true
    Cfg.NoSmoke = false
    Cfg.NoSpawnEffects = false

    … sometimes work, sometimes they don’t. i don’t know why, because i never change it in my config, but (in one “game session”) explosions are rendered, and sometimes they don’t.

  49. @ retaliator

    CHANGE: Low gfx, No* effects temporarily disabled (don’t panic – they will be enabled later)

  50. GITLER: “i have problem , when i set Fastest settings , my enemy are ONLY white color , i try change in config ini etc, no effect. video card Geforce 4mx 440”

    My friend have this ploblem too… video – geforce4 mx440

  51. retaliator, scroll up a little and read my post ‘Posted on 03/22/2005 2:16PM’. And yes it is a good feature, but the possibility that it might be indirectly causing some PK core bugs to show up more frequently means we have to tackle it a little later on. A stable 0.9 would mean we can move cleanly onto a stable 1.0; I’m not going to say 1.0 marks the full end of the beta test, but it certainly marks the end and stability of most of the core features being added from the original todo list. Once we have this, we can move on to more features if need be.

    It should be apparent what we’re doing here; if fixing the low gfx was merely a matter of addressing bugs in pk++ and not needing to work around other pk issues, we could address it immediately (the same can be said of the totally unfinished demo code ‘– Demo recording – TEMP’ within the source code doesn’t inspire confidence with which to build pk++ demo features around the pcf code). This is one of the hazards of writing a mod for a game which is unstable in terms of development (i.e. unfinished), albeit a surprising 9 months or more after initial release. Likewise we will have to see what 1.65 (?) brings.

  52. ok, I understand, although I must say, that I personally don’t experience any FPS drops because of low gfx effects πŸ™‚

  53. I have a problem too
    my mod don’t work at all
    I used the full install (don’t have IT) over 1.35, all OK, then when I want to start Painkiller I got an error message with “Main/Cfg.Lua in line 341 ?” or smth like this.
    Is my version 1.35 the problem ?
    If I put back the old LScript(s?).pak file, then the game works, but don’t load any mod, so :((
    So is smth with the LScript(?).pak file ?

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