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RUSHED.DE have posted a good interview with one of the top PK players at this time, Fatal1ty. The interview is in English which is fortunate for us non-German speaking readers (google translation does provide some funnies sometimes tho 😉 ) and is a good read if you have 5 or 10 minutes. Catch the full interview HERE.

affentod: What Im interested in is, who are you bootcamping with besides zen?

Fatal1ty: Uhm, actually were gonna be training for a whole week here in Germany. Actually tomorrow after the show were heading up to Frankfurt to LAN with Dr.Doom, reptile, canna and the other gamers sponsored by ABIT. So, were gonna have 6 or 7 guys all LANed up, practicing non-stop all night long.

Busy Busy…

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  1. i played a guy in a public ffa who accused me of cheating and afterwards activated an aimbot (he even told me so). so i guess its already spreading.

  2. “likely only gonna last a year”

    As far as I know Painkiller has been released on 04/12/2004 — just a year ago. So they are gonna shut down pkeuro tonite? SCNR

  3. “Cfg.PureScripts = true”

    Oh, yes. Purescripts. Valid point, blowfish. That was tricky. It took me almost two minutes to circumvent this restriction.

    “doesn’t ‘disable console on client side’ take care of these problems?”
    It should. Unfortunately, with three minutes of work (a bit harder than the purescripts thing) this also was gone with the wind.

    Ok, I don’t want to sound bigheaded, let’s discuss this seriously. I set up a clean installation of Painkiller 1.64, added the latest version of PK++ and tried to run both vanilla PK and PK++ as dedicated server. With some very small adjustments I was able to connect to these servers and use the bot, both with purescripts set to true AND with console lockdown enabled.

    To double-check I altered one of the scripts “the usual way” afterwards and tried to connect afterwards, which wasn’t possible (checksum differs error message).

    Face it, there’s virtually no cheat protection in PK at the moment.

  4. kalme, it doesn’t surprise me – PCF dodged the cheat protection issue way back as far as the ETG interview before game launch. As much as it ‘should’ have worked if they’d coded it properly; purescripts was a retrospective folly by PCF to address a serious flaw in the game.

  5. But to come to PCFs defense I think one always has to remember that originally PK wasn’t meant to be a new “global player” in multiplayer. As far as I know, it was mainly focused on an intense singleplayer experience, right?
    I think that’s the origin of most of the bugs and design flaws (no offense intended) we are facing now. Just like you indicated in your last post.

  6. good work kalme, maybe your “discovery” will change the minds of PCF and DC, and they started creating anti-cheat system for PK. the movies are awesome… if I can say that…

  7. yep there are cheaters in multiplayer player painy(or bots should i say)it wants stoppin before it recks the game ,by the way does anyone now how to view the pkd recorded files ?non of the media players i have seen to open them ,any ideas

  8. Today i had been accused in Rocket Bot using by the player on my server. This is the open DMPCF server where i have a lot of fun with bots an people by using rocket in air forestalling way. I really was surpried by it 🙂

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