CAL Painkiller

CAL has recently announced a PK-Invite league. It will be made up of the people who make it to the 2nd round of season 1 playoffs and certain other invites.

There also seems to be a bit of interest in the community for a CAL PK 2v2 league. However, before one can be started, we need a significant number of teams. For anyone who is interested, please post your teams name, your name, and your partners name on this thread. Post them in that order and please just one post per team.

Thanks for your continued support.

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0 thoughts on “CAL Painkiller

  1. looking forward to this turney :>

    in the previous cup the following maps turned out to be quite nice:
    Sacred, Illuminati, Ballistic
    Cursed is a bit huge for 2on2, but still playable

    is this 2on2 league gonna be u.s. only?

  2. It might be an idea to do *tmp (teamplay) versions of some of the other maps too… for instance on fallen1/2 to remove the lg and balance out the armours etc. Perhaps some playtesting is required first though. This is pretty easy to do though if people are interested. Likewise extracting custom maps from pkm files and editing item placement is also straightforward.

  3. blowfish make a mod to drop weps/armor/ammo and team commands during gameplay :)!!!!.. and ill have sex with you 🙂

  4. I’m calling for 2on2 leagues…well…since it came out 😐
    Maybe with 2on2 leagues…just maybe…players start looking at PK as a TDM game 😉

  5. mindless rant… talking sh*t… im sorry, i was unaware that those words explained my post in the least bit.. oh wait.. they dont. i can voice my opinion w/o explantion. but just for the hell of it:
    what maps would be nice for a 2v2? i cant think of a single one except for fallen1/fallen2/fallen3 which are bascially the same map. CTF would be nice because of the huge maps. thats suited for a 3v3 or 4v4.

  6. “what maps would be nice for a 2v2?”

    U cant think more than fallen??Sacred is PERFECT for 2v2 and Ballistic is nice too…and there are lot of new maps in developing right now 😉

  7. doughboy1er, although the offer of sex is tempting, we should try and get very basic 2v2 tdm working in pk along with maps, before adding in tdm drop mods?

  8. sacred is bad for 2v2 imo… GA and SA far apart, bronze doesnt help at all… its fit for a 1v1 perfectly :p for a 2v2 map: 2 SAs, 1 GA, 2 megas, and lots of rocketlaunchers

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