DM_K3Inzane Released

A second new map from K3rn! has been released that harks back to the good old quake3 days where FFAs were a plenty on DM17. Anyone from this genre of play will remember the open, outer space setting of DM17, and the huge satisfaction of railing the crap out of your opponents from the other side of the map.

DM_K3Inzane has this feel to it with no walls seperating you from your opponent, and plenty of holes to plummet to your death through. A small selection of weapons, armour and ammo is available, along with the obligatory jump pad to fire you into the air ready for my stake hehehe….

Lots of fun with PK++ bots although they seem to enjoy leaping into the void at the moment as the waypoint files are not available for the map as yet. All in all, well worth a download. You can grab the map HERE, and below are a few pictures to wet your appetite. Let us know what you think in the comments.


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0 thoughts on “DM_K3Inzane Released

  1. categorie: great imo
    good fun if its a good map im gonna test it in a bit :X if its as good as dm17 then they did a great job 😀

  2. There is a server with DM_K3Inzane: —>

    DvS.PK | Raccoon City by| <—

    DM_K3Angeldust is also available on this server.

  3. In truth pk wasn’t designed for mp either, I don’t think anyone would consider this map as a competitive map, in the same way that no one would consider q3dm17 to be for q3. That said, q3dm17 was fun enough for them to include it has part of the q3 demo… and if this map is fun for players to mess around on, then it has done its job. Meanwhile K3rn’s other map is in development for use in 2v2 etc, and maybe even 1v1?

  4. DM_K3Inzane :
    Good work , but GA & SA placement :/

    q3dm18 :
    i never like this map , q3dm6 or q2dm1 is better map for pk 😉

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