SK|SteLam wins IndiWEB!

The big Grand Final for IndiWEB PK Challenge has ended. The winner is SK|SteLam who did beat Dignitas/reptile in the Grand Final game. SK|SteLam has really dominated the IndiWEB PK Challenge tournament by winning two qualifiers and now winning the Grand Final and take home €700 euros. Dignitas/reptile lost against SK|SteLam in the WB final but won against 4K^Zaccabus in the Consolation final and could face SK|SteLam again. However, SteLam played well once again and managed to win.

Big thanks to IndiWEB for doing this tournament and credits to the admins who made it possible (Darthbane, Charly and Gurke).

After the big Grand Final for IndiWEB PK Challenge I decided to interview the winner SK|SteLam. Id like to state that this is just a short unprepared interview but hopefully it is a good read.

You can find that interview at

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  1. Hey, SteLam play on internet ffa servers. Play with us – the art of The GAME to masses)))))))))))))))
    My congratulations!))

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