China Bans Painkiller

Yesterday it was announced that the Ministry of Culture (which is responsible for overseeing all video games sold in China) banned Hitman 2: Silent Assassin, Painkiller and has ordered MMORPG developer Object Software to remove its Player vs Player system which rewards players for killing other players.

At the time we launched the World Tour, Painkiller was the best choice. Even the players themselves have stated that while the game lacks in several areas, it is fun to watch in a live environment and the competitions can be intense to the last minute.

The games we select for next year will be the ones that the community of gamers want to play, our sponsors want to sponsor and CPL wants to support. We just have to do a better job in selecting countries that embrace computer gaming for its positive aspects and support our competitions.

The CPL has always had the strictest standards when it comes to M-rated games and we feel that making these tournaments available only to participants that are 17 or above and is a great way to curb the general concerns about violence and gaming.

You can catch the feedback from the CPL here, and you can read Angel Munozs interview about it, here.

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