Interview with Ztrider

Over at Esnation they have published an interview with Ztrider that won the last World Tour stop and asked him questions about everything from the World Tour stop to Quake 4.

At these last two stops you really proved yourself and we saw a very surprising tournament final without Fatal1ty and Vo0 in the last one since both you and gellehsak stepped up your game and took it to the finals, how did it feel since fnatic also managed to place top 3?

– In my opinion I didn’t prove myself the last 2 stops because Ive always been close to beat both fatal1ty and Vo0 before (CPL Dallas for example) the time I proved myself was either in Spain or Brazil, the only thing that changed this time was that I beat Vo0 this time and gellehsak beat both Vo0 and fat. And about fnatic top3, Its the dream scenario weve been aiming for since the day I joined up with fnatic and it finally happened, can only hope that we will be able to repeat the performance in the Final and I bet Vo0 don’t want to be 3rd then 🙂

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