NewPK 0.31 [Update]

NewPK 0.31 changelog

-Added rocket fix
-Maps: added DM_New_Fallen2; various changes on DM_New_Psycho
-Projectiles (grenades,rockets, etc) fired during countdown will not longer “survive” after match started
-Small weapons balance changes
-NewPK Options Menu: added Pink and Orange brightskin colors; added “Show Ping/PL” option
-Fixed “Decals Stay” option bug when set to “Off”
-Fixed a small Timer bug when using CountUp (the time was wrong by one second)
-Added “HUD_Timer_Size” in Config.ini (default: 50)
-Fixed rockets damage

Previous features and more info in the readme.


There were a serious issue with rockets damage in 0.3 version; download NewPK 0.31 from HERE to fix it. (previous NewPK versions are not needed)

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0 thoughts on “NewPK 0.31 [Update]

  1. I also had an “apparently working” warmup damage code…but i found several bugs when spectating a game so i left it out for now (i dont surely want to increase pk’s bug number :p)

    Of course the gamesnet server is already updated (

  2. I think you should be clearer on your news posts about having ‘borrowed’ code from yar’s work (and yes I know there’s a small line about it somewhere in your readme).

    I don’t think you should be implying ‘rocketfix’ when you don’t have permission to use that code either.

  3. blowfish i know know you worked hard on the rocketfix but,
    would you rather have all the hard work you did go into the shitter (aka never used again) or have it used for something constructive?

    It’s one thing if you were still involved in pk++ but, clearly pk is dead and you see no reason to continue updating your mod.

    I think Crazy is just trying to give pk a second chance…

  4. blowfish, how long did u write the new Codesequences? Looking 4 some cracks in INternet, test them, write that line, one or 2 days? If it were just another update, ok, but its the first update for a long time. ANd u discribed that there isnt the CPL-force… so do something really new, maybe set ProPlus standardmode, but don’t criticise Crazy, me, or someone else for peanuts. I like u, ur mod and so on, just let us work together, not blame each other.

  5. Why the last sentence recur just after clicking “Post COmment”? Cause i am trying to write a own Statistic-Version, there are some ideas what could be improved on our implementation. So if u want to know, jsut ask…

  6. MaxistXXL, PK++ took a lot more than ‘one or 2 days’ to write (unlike, say, just taking yar’s code and adding some weapon tweaks), and my comment to Crazy was about taking code without permission, using someone else’s without making effort at every stage to make that clear, or implying use of someone else’s solution to a problem…

    Funnily enough if you’d invested a lot of time and energy into something, you’d want to protect it too, and rocketfix is very much part of PK++, and not a general PK bug fix.

    For someone who has assumed to put words in my mouth elsewhere on this site as to my motivations for writing PK++, and my support of it, I find it odd for you now to be giving me advice too.

    As for ‘just let us work together, not blame each other’, you’ll find that I’ve set crazy as admin for this site, allowing him to post news articles about his own mod here, as well as him being an op in #painkiller.euro. However I will not step back and ignore pseudo-plagarism, especially on this site, and especially when he’s implying use of a feature which I spent a lot of time working on.

  7. The complete discussion is useless. Full of missunderstandings. I wouldnt reply them.

    I have 2 questions remember i use pure PK, PK++ and NewPK.

    I created a new config and started the “play original PK” Icon. There i see 2 changes (pure PK):
    The spectator line was before __________ now is ——— !
    The Bolter(Sniperzoom) is transparent now, wasnt before!
    U Guys made a great job: PCF/MINIMOD/PKEURO/CRAZY the PLAYERS.

  8. “unlike, say, just taking yar’s code and adding some weapon tweaks”

    Its sad you think that…you should consider im not a coder (i didnt know anything about coding before pk)… i spent days over days to make features that could appear really easy to you…

  9. He doesn’t.

    Secondly he doesn’t have permission to use the PK++ code, and it is pseudo-plagiarism if he is trying to pass off whatever feature he has made as ‘rocketfix’, which is a core part of PK++ only.

  10. After looking at Q4 and its “patches” i think even Pacman could come back with a minimum of support :]

    I remember PK was already almost perfect after 3 patches (too bad they fucked it up later ^^^)

  11. Man, all this new PK!
    Why da hell need we more PK if we have 1.64?
    It will only mess up your mind;-)
    We need PK all could play!

  12. “Man, all this new PK!
    Why da hell need we more PK if we have 1.64?
    It will only mess up your mind;-)
    We need PK all could play! ”


  13. Almost every mod require the clients to have the mod installed so i dont really see the problem in that.

    If you dont want to play the mod you are free to go in the normal servers….im not forcing anyone to play it. 🙂

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