PK++ Downgraded

Guys, since there were no server versions of PK++, I have downgraded PK++ via Steamfish to If you remember this version is compatible with VPK servers, and is also the version distributed in the open source package.

There is no real advantage as far as I can tell to having locked netcode as in In fact, just denies servers for newbies, and does not encourage download of PK++, moreover it complicates things for newbies.

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  1. Originally it was driven by a number of requests on the DC forums – and yes there had been a lot of thought about and previous to make sure it worked with VPK and not get into the same mess that Chainsmod made of things.

    As you know PK++ includes new netcode (to handle things like Spec mode etc.), but lots of effort went into making it backwardly compatible (hence the authentication process).

    There was a suggestion earlier that we update Steamfish with ALL the MP maps – I am happy to do this to help standardise things a little. I believe someone is compiling a list of the maps and somewhere for me to download them. Ideally they will publish on this site and people can review the list before I commit it to Steamfish.

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