The Fnatic|Vo0 Interview

He is known to most as the King of PainKiller, even with the new release of PK he managed to take the CPL Spain Qualifier this weekend, beating Fatal1ty in the finals. He has now won over $20,000 in PainKiller events, thats an impressive achievement in a scene so new. I was able to catch up with Vo0 before he departed for Turkey, there was a few more questions I had, but he was hard at work training for this event, hopefully he can answer them when he returns. Vo0 talks about his past gaming experiences and also somethings he expects for the future, here is a small snippet of the interview.

What is a normal day pre LAN event for Vo0?

All of my 3 events I attended I had a bootcamp one week before the event for a couple of days. At that bootcamp I just play for several hours a day, usually three to five. I just play 15 minutes matches and try to get the game down as good as possible.

If you could setup a Match of the Decade, obviously you would be in the final, but who would you have as your opponent?

Fatal1ty. Everytime we play eachother in Painkiller we have thrilling matches. I dare to say that both at CPL Summer and Winter both our matches were the best of the tournament.

Check out the full interview HERE (free registration required).

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