Custom Maps and #pkmaps

At CPL Spain we saw two things; firstly that a custom map from the community could make it to be being used in by the CPL. Secondly, we saw that a new map pushes players to adapt to new tactics, and arguably, helps open up the tournament to breaking existing players domination on the standard maps. Of course, we should also remember that the community’s initial response to meatless was far from 100% positive; whereas now, many players greatly like the map.

The guys in #pkmaps on quakenet are working on new maps and looking at improving existing maps and conversions to meet gameplay requirements for pk. Hopefully we’ll see conversions and/or new maps being developed for PK further, be they for competitive gameplay as being used in the CPL, or for fun online gameplay.

You can find work on maps in

..which includes maps in various states. #pkmaps is always looking for support from everything from play-testing, sharing ideas, or helping with developing the maps further.

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