DM_Blink Beta Version 0.5

DM_Blink Painkiller 1v1 Map

Author: Tectonic


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Extract to ../painkiller/data/

DM_Blink Version History

Version: 0.5 (6/01/2005)


-General layout modeled
-Some texturing on each room exists
-Item placement relatively untested, but also relatively thought-out

For this release, I am looking for feedback on gameplay aspects, including:

1. Is armor placement balanced?
2. Is the weapon placement balanced?
3. Are there adequate health pickups and are they in good locations?
4. Are spawn points in good locations?
5. Is there enough ammo, too much ammo, and is the ammo in good locations?

Please reply by posting on this forum or emailing me at the address listed above. Please explain in detail in your responses.

Feel free to play on my Chicago server (sorry Euros), Tectonic 1v1++. The password is scrim.

I am hoping to get this map out a LOT faster than pha3z and I got meatless out (read weeks, not months), so prompt response is appreciated!

Download here:

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