DM_Blink Beta Version 0.7

DM_Blink Painkiller 1v1 Map

Author: Tectonic


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Extract to ../painkiller/data/

DM_Blink Version History

Version: 0.7 (6/10/2005)


-Central room sized down a little
-GA and SA rooms switched
-Brand new GA room
-Weapon/ammo placement tweaked
-MH room modified

From the testing that I have done personally, the issues in my mind have been:

1. Shotguns seem like they might be really powerful on this map. Should I remove the extra shotgun ammo? Should I have just one shotgun? Should there even BE a shotgun?

2. You can RJ from the hallway at the GA and be partially in the air somewhat before you enter the GA room, and land on the GA. Should I modify the GA room slightly (add some sort of a barrier, most likely) so you can’t do this?

I have been working with dj and SteLam and it has helped a lot, but I would like to get more feedback from other good players as well. Thanks in advance.

Again, feel free to play on my server: Tectonic 1v1++. The password is scrim.


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