n!faculty frag movie

The n!faculty painkiller team (n!ScooBz0r, n!AgamemnonZ & n!eSrem) attended a LAN called Drome 12 ( www.drome.nl ). Its the biggest LAN in The Netherlands with 2000+ gamers. n!ScooBz0r and n!AgamemnonZ became first and second, n!eSrem couldnt participate in the competition due to his work. The frags are from the games played during the LAN. Hope you enjoy it a bit!.

You can download the movie here: http://www.own-age.com/vids/video.aspx?id=5729

An article about the LAN can be found on the n!faculty website here: http://www.faculty.de/news_details.php?id=1148

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