CPL Turkey Qualifier: Day 1

Day 1:

The players that made it too the semi finals are: fnatic/Vo0, fnatic/Gellehsak, PlayIt.stermy and Fatal1ty.

The matches for the semi’s are:

  • fnatic/Vo0 versus fnatic/Gellehsak
  • PlayIt.stermy versus Fatal1ty

The players left in the lower bracket are: checksix\deatz, checksix\destrukt, checksix\LeXeR, estar*Ztrider, Zen , EYE]sakh, SK|Stelam and [3D]Daler.

From what ive heard the lower bracket matches for tomorrow are:

  • checksix\destrukt versus [EYE]sakh
  • checksix\deatz versus Zen
  • checksix\LeXeR versus estar*Ztrider
  • SK|Stelam versus checksix\LeXeR or estar*Ztrider
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