CPL Turkey Qualifier: Day 2

So far day two has had his share of upsets, bugs and overtimes. But dont worry, because Vo0 still hasnt lost a match, and is playing in the grand final.

Currently the tournament has been moved to another location due to problems with the venue. TsN cannot cast live from that location and will record the matches locally and upload them asap.

fnatic/Vo0 > fnatic/Gellehsak

A match everybody was waiting for. It turned out to be an incredible tense first map, which needed four overtimes to decide the winner.

sacred: 18-16
absinthe: 22-15

stermyplay.uts > Fatal1ty

Both players playing pretty defensive, and no frags were made the first few minutes. Fatal1ty took the first round on psycho. After that stermy came back to win two maps and the match.

psycho: 4-8
sacred: 22-17
psycho: 17-14

Winner bracket final:
fnatic/Vo0 > stermyplay.uts

A match with a lot of problems, stermy and the server crashed six minutes into the game. At that point the score was 8-3 in favour of stermy. It was decided that the map would be continued with a 9 minuted timelimit. In these 9 minutes Vo0 managed to even up the score to 15-15 (8-3 + 7-12). Because the server score at that point was 12-7 the game did not go into overtime.
Instead of restarting the server with a 2 minute timelimit, they replayed the map with a 15 minuted timelimit. Vo0 took the map with 26 to 15.

psycho: 26-15
sacred: 14 – 21
sacred: 24 – 1

Lower bracket round 4:
estar*Ztrider > SK|SteLam

This match was quite an upset, Ztrider beating SteLam in two maps. The first map was incredibly exciting, going into double overtime, after which Ztrider won the map with 19 to 18.

psycho: 19-18
absinthe: 20-15

Lower bracket round 6:
Fatal1ty > estar*Ztrider

Painkiller showed us once again why we love it so much. After Ztrider lost the first map versus Fatal1ty with just 1 frag, he ran into the FPS bug in dm_psycho. With a very close score near the end of the map, the bug denied ztrider a couple of spawnfrags that wouldve won him the map, and wouldve given him the chance to play a third map.
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