Chains.Mod Interview..

Today, I got the chance to catch up with Yar, the Lead Programmer of the upcoming Painkiller MOD; Chains.MOD, and ask him a few questions. Theres alot of speculation over this MOD, as weve seen a couple of good looking screenshots, showing off the new hud and stuff. Heres what Yar had to say:

pkeuro: Hi Yar, could you please firstly tell us a little about the team currently hard at work on the Chains.MOD, and what visions lie behind the creation of this MOD?

Yar: So, our team currently includes 4 people: I am the lead programmer – client side, kAzu – 2nd Lead programmer & bussines, Soft – server side, gameplay programmer and StR4y – 2d graphics. Our target is to create a mod similar to Q3 OSP – with lots of features, tweaks and bug fixes. Painkiller is a very good game but it requires some tweaks – like advanced hud configuration, remote console, admin/referee, pause match or lock teams.

pkeuro: How will the Chains.MOD help create a new experience and improve Painkiller?

Yar: Chains.MOD is adding a lot of features. eg. ammolist, timer, time & date, team scores on hud in tdm (and you can set position, size & turn on/off all of them) setable position of messages, team reports – with hp/armor ammo etc and much more – this will create a more player-friendly game and make it easier to adjust Painkiller to our requirements. Maybe we will tweak weapons a little to improve balance also. This is all very important to create good multiplay in my opinion. 🙂

pkeuro: Some say mods destroyed the Q3 community by fragmentation, are you doing anything to prevent this happening again with Painkiller?

Yar: We really dont want scene fragmentation.

pkeuro: What is the current status of development, and when do you think your MOD will be ready for release?

Yar: “Public release will be probably be in 1 week.” This is all i can say 😛

pkeuro: Thanks for your time Yar, and good luck.

Yar: NP. Luck will be useful ;] Thanks.

Extras: Screenshot1 | Screenshot2

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