Zb lan writeup

There was a wide range of talent at the tournement, ranging from dark horses Mashles and PBX, to contenders in 4K-ZaF and 4K-RazorB to the favourites Jabbor, 4K^Kuula and 4K^Zaccubus.

1.62 was used but sadly only a few recorded demos. But there were some FANTASTIC games that I wish had been demoed.

In the upper bracket 4K^RazorB knoced 4K^ZaF into the lower bracket (2-1 Sacred, absinthe, absinthe), and progressed to take on another team mate Zaccubus in the top part of the upper bracket. Zaccubus took the match 2-0 to set up a tantilising upper bracket final with the winer of Jabbor vs Kuula.

Both had gone through their games with realtive ease. Jabbor was taken close by Mashles but ultimatly prevailed, while Kuula took down PBX 2-0 with comfort. This left a fantastic game and for me, the best match of the lan.

With everyone surrounding the 2 players for the game, a an erie silence fell upon the players as everyone watched the biggest match so far.

Jabbor picked absinthe and Kuula chose sacred and it was absinthe the provided a class encounter. Kuula took a quick lead but jabbor regained control and punished kuula for long periods, with 2mins left and a 7 frag deficit it looked over, but a phenominal come back saw kuula needing 2 frags in the last 10 seconds, a rocket kill and a shotgun to the back handed him a massive first game, 17-16 the final score.

With jabbors relative lack of lan experiance, i felt he lost momentum in the match after this and fell away on sacred, Kuula winning by 24-6.

In the lower bracket, 4K^Zaf had fought past Digi|Mashles in a tense game. Having taken mashles map choice of Psycho comfortably, it looked like an easy win. Mashles had other ideas, with Zaf having to pull another comeback in the last minuite, overturning a 4 frag deficit.

RazorB had alost fought past PBX in another tight game. 7 frags down with 4min to go in the decider, razorB seemed down and out, but a crazy mid air stake led a fantastic comeback. PBX’s insane shotgun aim had him pushing RazorB all the way but it just wasnt enough in a another great game.

In the upper bracket final, Zaccubus insane stake aim had him win 2-0 with 1 frag seperating them on both maps, in intense games. in the last seconds Zaccubus seemed to cheat when he screamed “Please God give me a good spawn”. Lo and behold, he spawned with gold armour staring him in the face. =)

Jabbor then took out both Zaf and RazorB to set up a rematch with Kuula, but there was no revenge as Kuula took him out 2-0 again.

This led to him facing of vs Zaccubus again , and yet again, great games, but Zaccubus prevailing 2-0, with 2 frags between them in the first map and 1 frag in the second. No cheating though 🙂

All in a all a fantastic lan, I would like to thank ZB.Flikblade and his crew for sorting out a great lan. Alot of commen sense and friendship was there for all to see and it was good to put faces to names. Thanks to Zboard for sponsoering the tournement and for everyone who attended.

Final Standings:

1st 4K^Zaccubus
2nd 4K^Kuula
3rd Jabbor
4th 4K^RazorB
5th/6th 4K^Zaf / PBX

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