Converting QW Maps to PK

PKEUROs own Blowfish has put up an ARTICLE on our forums stepping through the process of converting QuakeWorld maps to Painkiller. With the lack of good team and duel maps, this process could provide some quick maps if the correct thought process is applied. Due to the obvious differences in jumping distances and other physics, modifications might be required to get the best out of the old maps.

This process has been successfully tested on a number of maps but without the authors “say so” we wont release them. We need to stress the importance of getting the authors agreement before converting any maps. For example, we already have agreement from Slayer to convert any of his maps such as Titan2 and ukcldm2 if anyone wishes to have go at converting these. Get in touch with ME for details if you are interested.

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0 thoughts on “Converting QW Maps to PK

  1. I never played Quakeworld so I do not know what to expect. It would be best to not try and directly port the maps but just do an “in spirit of” version that is tailored to PK gameplay. I’d rather have something that plays well in PK than be a EXACT Quakeworld port :p

  2. I wonder if any of those will be played at major competitions/tournaments.

    Good luck for the mappers who will be converting those “beauties” from QW 🙂

  3. You’re not RazieL. You can either play PK with 2 maps or more than two maps. Stop taking the map thing so personal. PK will never be QW, even if it ONLY had QW maps. PK needs maps, and I don’t care from where at this point.

  4. most annoying for me are some fire/switch weapon bugs, and ofcourse the sound. Movement feels pretty nice to me, its more fluent. I do get stuck more often, but im probably not moving precise enough.

  5. im with fenuz. movement is fine.. just learn to adapt and control it. weapon switch bugs, sound issues and of course pktv, irc bots and demos are most important (not necessarily in that order).

  6. i think the gameplay is fine except the fps bug and stuck in walls and celings, but there are a lot of things around the game that has to come, like PKTV, proper demorecording, irc scorebot etc

  7. tbh did you expect anything else? Dreamcatcher/people can fly have been found wanting at every stop. It was clear to me that it wasn’t going to get any better when the interview they had with pkeuro they were bigging themself up for how successfull the game has been. Painkiller could have been huge if was handled correctly but instead its going to die a quiet death im afraid.

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