The poll concludes!

The CPL have announced the results of the poll between Painkiller and DOOM 3. The poll was to see which game the already signed-up players wanted to play, here’s the results:

1. Yes – change the the DOOM 3 tournament to the PK Qualifier – 87

2. No – don’t change or cancel the DOOM 3 tournament – 81

As you can see, the majority of votes went to Painkiller, but because of the large amount that voted against it, the CPL have decided the following:

The CPL and NVIDIA have decided to split the tournaments in two – of 128 competitors each. CPL and NVIDIA also have split the cash prizes between both of the tournaments with $30,000 assigned to DOOM 3 and $20,000 assigned to Painkiller.

Also, the top 6 in the Painkiller tournament will each recieve free air travel to the World Tour first stop; Istanbul, Turkey which will take place February 10-13th 2005.

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  1. Being more of a quaker I think doom would have been better. I gave pk a shot and didn’t like it much. If they can fix the big issues in the game then fair enough.

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