Painkiller Gold is Gold!

DreamCatcher sends word of the following announcement:

DreamCatcher Games announces Painkiller: Gold Edition

Toronto, Canada – February 9, 2005 – DreamCatcher Games today announced Painkiller: Gold Edition, a special edition package for Computer Gaming World’s “Single-Player Shooter of the Year,” Painkiller. Available in March 2005, the special DVD set will include both the award winning original version and its expansion pack, Battle out of Hell.

As a special bonus, the DVD will also contain a “Making-Of” video feature with developer interviews, the Painkiller title track music video by rock band Mech, the upcoming Painkiller Xbox® trailer, Mapping/Editing tools and documentation, as well as over a dozen Cyberathlete® Professional League (CPL) enhancements.

“As the official title of the CPL World Tour, Painkiller is speeding along on its journey of becoming an extremely successful franchise,” says Byron Gaum, Product Manager at DreamCatcher. “With the Gold Edition, we are excited to offer gamers everything the original game had to offer, as well as the added features from the expansion.”

The storyline

Trapped in a dark and unwelcoming world awaiting purification for earthly sins, players must fight through an endless number of enemy warriors as they attempt to stop the imminent unholy war and overthrow Lucifer. But even if they win this insane battle, players must still take out hoards of howling devils, eager to avenge their master.

Game features:

FRANTIC SINGLE PLAYER CAMPAIGN: 34 levels of non-stop action crowded with 80 different enemy species and gigantic final bosses.

ADRENALINE FUELED GAMEPLAY: Blast your way through 15 maps and 7 Multiplayer modes using 14 incredible weapons, including the mythical Painkiller, named “Best Weapon” as part of Computer Gaming World’s ‘2004 Games of the Year.’

IMMERSIVE EXPERIENCE: furious soundtrack and real-life physics using the worlds most advanced physic engine Havok 2.0.

STATE-OF-THE-ART GRAPHICS: thanks to the updated PAIN engine, pin hyper detailed enemies to the walls or blow everything up in completely unique and varied environments including the highly acclaimed “Hell” level.

Painkiller Gold

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0 thoughts on “Painkiller Gold is Gold!

  1. Damn,I’m waiting for this game since 2003.I saw all trailers and I can’t wait to try this stakegun thing.Anybody know if they are planing to release a demo?Daniel Garner look really badass on this picture…

  2. original? PK gold is just pk 1.61 with both the base game and BooH, just a combination pack for pple who dont already have the base game

  3. i read on gotfrag that the gold edition was to be sold only on america, while the black edition is for us europeans; dunno if it´s true tho..

  4. i just joined the league. and i am german but it is a great idea 2 give “not german” players the oppertunity to become part of the league.
    nice idea.

  5. err … i read the rules, and there is no mention that you are not allowed if you are from another country.
    i doubt that giga will pay your flight to germany if someone manages to qualify, but other than that i think even foreigners can attend at the lan finals.

  6. I wouldn\’t recommend the gigaliga.

    You aren\’t allowed to play, if you are from another Country, where the spoken language isn\’t german.
    The Website-Servers are often not available, because of too much traffic.
    The League System is unbalanced and not intuitive.

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