DM_Sacred_booh Version 0.1 Beta

Version: Beta 0.1


-Replaced rocket pack by BA with SMG weapon
-Changed minigun ammo to SMG ammo: 30 ammo per box
-Swapped boltgun for SG in MH room
-Placed 3 boltgun ammo packs: 22 ammo per box?
-Added a SG by pad in SA room
-Removed sky because it was causing a crazy bug

The purpose of this is to test the idea of replacing the minigun ammo on a map with SMG+SMG ammo. The idea is that it takes a bit of emphasis off of the RL/Chain weapon control, allows for a greater chance of picking up a weapon upon spawning (slightly reduced spawn kills perhaps?), and creates a couple new weapons for a player to control and think about while playing. Heck, it might be more fun to play as a newbie also.. it’s pretty upsetting when you come into PK the first time and all you get to do is run around with a stake launcher because there are no RLs to pick up.

Feel free to test the map on my server, “Tectonic’s 1v1.” The password is scrim. Share this password with whomever you like! The server would be public if I could afford to pay for it ;).

Tell me what you think.. I left the major item placement alone and just added in the weapons and ammo basically. Sorry, but the sky had to go! The weirdest bug I’ve ever seen appeared when I first modified the map.. removing the sky fixed it, so that’s the way it is. I suspect most of you don’t use the sky anyway.


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