Now that DOOM 3 will not be the game to be used in the CPL World Tour, theres been a lot of speculation as to what game will be used. There is currently 2 favorites: Painkiller & UT2004. The CPL have already said that it will not be Quake 3, and it wont be CS.. as thats a team game only.

Today I got informed by Stermy the Italian PK player, about a couple of threads over at the CPL forums. One thread was made in the Painkiller section to get Painkiller picked, and one was in the UT2004 section to get UT2004 picked. As you will see, UT2004 had way more people replying to vote for it to get picked, where-as Painkiller only had about 4 replys. So, Im posting it here, to get all of you Painkiller fans to give Painkiller the support it deserves. Just post to say you would like to see it at the CPL, and why. It will do the game a tremendous amount of good if it does get chosen, so lets help it.

The Painkiller thread at the CPL forums can be found here, and the UT2004 thread can be found here.

What are you waiting for? POST!

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