GGL Player of 2004 Nominees

As the 2004 year has passed, GGL have decided it’s time for the Player of 2004 awards to take place. The awards are going to pick the person from each game who has been most successful and well-known through-out 2004, as well as achievements. The PK nominees are as follows:

1) Sander Kaasjager aka. Vo0 (fnatic, )
2) Stephan Lammert aka SteLam (SK, )
3) Jonathan Wendel aka Fatal1ty ()
4) Alessandro Avallone aka Stermy (, )
5) Benjamin Bohrmann aka zyz (SK, )

As you can see, there is some big big names in that list. It’s going to be a tough one to call. If vo0 doesn’t win it though, I will be very surprised. 🙂

The awards show, which will be hosted by Radio ITG’s djWHEAT will take place January 28th. Stay tuned.

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