PK 1.61: A step backwards

GotFrag? posted a article concerning the problems with the new 1.61 patch.

A snipet:

“Easier movement isn’t exactly “easier”, it seems almost more sloppy and random instead of tight and controlled.” said Flander. “I can’t even play online anymore. People who play out of control and just run around are going to dominate online; it’s not going be about aim or skill”

Read the complete article at GotFrag?

Brazillian PK community ;)

we are trying to start something like pk.euro…
with homepage and stuff

we have a channel in quakenet –

me and biel plays for GOODFELLAS multi-gamming team

you can find us in

we are from Brazil.. help us.. thnx 🙂

AphexTwin Interviewed

Team Dignitas has inteviewed the 4Kings Painkiller Squadleader AphexTwin.

A snipet:

dignitas: How do you prepare for the World Tour?

AphexTwin: Being the captain of 4Kings painkiller i generally keep tabs on our players activities, then internally decide on who should go (all paid for) and who should qualify. Our players put in a hell of alot of time into preparing themselves so im very excited as to what the year ahead will bring.

Complete interview

Draft FFA Tournament Rules

I’m putting together the ruleset for a FFA tournament coming very shortly. My initial thoughts are on our forums HERE. Please take a look over them and post any thoughts. I’ll open up sign ups soon. Perhaps running the tournament over the weekend of the CPL tournament so that the pr0s dont slaughter us all 😉

UPDATE – The Players of 2004

Tonight at 1:00 (CET) the GGL player of 2004 show will be aired by radio itg and the well known dj wheat.

Aside of the announcement itself, it will feature a look back at the previous year and live interviews on air with some of the awarded players.

Nominees for Painkiller are:

  • Fatal1ty
  • SteLam
  • stermy
  • Vo0
  • zyz

UPDATE: Vo0 is continueing his winning streak, and won the Painkiller player of the year award. Vo0 is being interviewed right now, so be sure to catch the replay tomorrow if your not listening now!

The votes from each news site:


NOTE: the show will be re-aired for europians on saturday at 19:00 (CET).

u5 recruits XZIST

The US clan United 5 the relatively unkown player XZIST to their Painkiller squad. He has been succesfull a number of games, with a 2nd place at CPL Farcry, and two 1st places at savage. He finished 4th at the Gotfrag:Reloaded invite tournament.

XZIST will be playing alongside cha0ticz and Fireblade.


CPL WT – Rules [update]

The CPL posted the rules of conduct on the CPL Worldtour website. The PK version that will be used is 1.61 with the CPL mod (should be released today).

Players can choose the following maps:

Primary Maplist:
Secondary Map List:

Justin Blanchard about the primary and secondary maps:

1. Primary versus secondary maps:
The primary maplist is available for all players to choose from for any match. The secondary maplist is available to be used in conjunction with the primary for all qualifiers. The maps on the secondary maplist may also be used as tiebreakers, and to expand the pool of maps in the primary list as needed.

Secondary maps will not be used at CPL Turkey.

Complete rules of conduct can be found here: link

PK 1.61 Mapshots for Qtracker

I have created a Painkiller Mapshot Pack #2 for Qtracker. It includes all Painkiller 1.61 multiplayer maps. It also features multi-screenshots for each map.

You can download the Mapshot Pack here:

You can get Qtracker here:

Installation of the Mapshot Pack:
You have to extract the contents of the archive to your Qtracker folder (for example: C:\Programs\Qtracker).

PKEURO Duel III Signups

The PKEuro DUEL III sign-ups are now live! We will cater for 64 players on a first come first serve basis, but if the player demand is high, then we shall open it up for 128 players.

The tournament has took a few changes, and was firstly delayed due to waiting for the 1.61 patch. The new changes are as follows:

– You will require Painkiller patch 1.61
– You are allowed to use the 1.61 PK++

There is no set date for the tournament yet, but we are looking to get it going this coming Monday if all goes well. You can signup here.

On a side note, the first ever version of PK++ (a tourney mod) will be available today and will be compatible with the latest patch; 1.61. The GUI is in early alpha condition, due to the fact it is being further developed with lots more features.. Mirrors soon.


You can download PK++ v02 here. Extract to Data folder, and please make sure you delete your config before starting PK, or you will have messed up HUD effects 🙂

Download Links for v1.61 Patch..

Here you go:


Gamers Hell
FileShack (Reg Required)

Standalone Server

Gamers Hell

More to come as we find them.

Weve had some comments about the netcode from quite a few players already. Remember that BooH introduced a whole rewrite of the netcode along with introducing a couple of new commands to help tweak it. You can find our guide right HERE. Its well worth a look if youre having problems.

On a side note, if anyone has found any bugs in the latest patch, feel free to add them to our bugs section right HERE. Lets hope its relatively clear!

pk1.61 close

Courtesy of Fenuz in Minor News:

The 1.61 patch is getting close now, ill update this with download links when they are released.

From the CPL forums:

Toronto, Canada – January 27, 2005 – DreamCatcher Games today released the 1.61 Cyberathlete Professional League (CPL) Update, and dedicated server, for its critically acclaimed PC FPS, Painkiller. In time for the start of the CPL $1,000,000 2005 World Tour on February 10th, this 300MB update bundles an abundance of new content and all of the game play enhancements, fixes, and features to date.

Within the largest Painkiller update released, players can look forward to the new CPL dueling maps from Ritual Entertainment, over a half dozen specialty maps and numerous CPL-ready network features. They will also enjoy access to two additional multiplayer modes, Capture the Flag and Last Man Standing, as well as carnage-creating power of the exclusive weaponry offered in Painkiller’s Expansion, “Battle Out of Hell.”

The update also includes Battle Out of Hell’s graphic enhancements, the reworked networking core and a number of fixes for outstanding issues. Utilizing the impressive Havok 2.0 physics engine, Painkiller continues to achieve new heights of physics-based game play while version 1.61 of the proprietary PAIN Engine pumps out an unbelievably high polygon count, and awesome visual effects like heat and haze distortion, per-pixel spectacular mapping, support for NVIDIA’s Shader Model 3.0.

“Since its launch, Painkiller has earned numerous fantastic reviews and ‘Editor’s Choice Awards’ from all over the world.” says Richard Wah Kan, CEO of DreamCatcher. “We will continue to keep fans entertained and craving for more hardcore action.”

In Painkiller, players take on the role of Daniel Garner, a seemingly regular guy, who has just been killed in a horrific car accident. Trapped in a dark and unwelcoming world between heaven and hell, he struggles to uncover the reasons he has been denied entry into heaven. Awaiting purification, players fight against hordes of demonic soldiers in an attempt to stop an imminent holy war.

Developed by People Can Fly, Painkiller and Painkiller: Battle Out of Hell are rated ‘M’ for Mature in North America and 16+ PEGI in Europe. An Xbox® version of Painkiller will be released in 2005. Painkiller is the Official tournament game of the CPL $1,000,000 2005 World Tour.

For more information about Painkiller and the latest updates, visit

About DreamCatcher Games
DreamCatcher Games is a fast-growing worldwide publisher and distributor of interactive entertainment software committed to release action, strategy and role-playing games on Windows®, PlayStation®2 and Xbox® gaming systems. Its large portfolio of games includes the critically acclaimed title Painkiller, a popular and best-selling action shooter game.
More information about DreamCatcher Games and its products can be found at

About CPL
Launched June 26, 1997, the Cyberathlete Professional League® (CPL) is the world’s first computer games sports league; and having hosted final tournaments on five continents and official qualifying tournaments in over 50 countries, the CPL is the global leader in professional computer game competitions. Over the past seven years, the CPL has hosted over 20 main events in the United States alone, with a total attendance of 35,000 gamers and has paid well over $1,500,000 in cash prizes. For more information on the CPL please visit

Media Contacts:
Tara Reed
North American PR Manager
DreamCatcher Games
416.638.5000 Ext. 268

mousesports PK team

Mouz announces their new PK team, with ofcourse Burnie, but also a couple of former SK members, who apperantly are playing both UT and PK.

– Burnie (Painkiller)
– Cloud (UT & Painkiller)
– frag^m (UT & Painkiller)
– GitzZz (UT & Painkiller)

Sources: SK-Gaming, mousesports

PK 1.61 – changelog



– NEW: Multiplayer maps: Battle Out of Hell maps included.
– NEW: Multiplayer maps: Ritual CPL Dueling maps included.
– NEW: Multiplayer map: DM_Exmortis included.
– NEW: Multiplayer modes: Capture the Flag and Last Man Standing included.
– NEW: Multiplayer weapons: SMG and Boltgun/Heater included.
– NEW: Custom lscripts.pak (painkiller.exe -lscripts filename.pak).
– NEW: 1.5+ networking core included.
– NEW: 1.5+ graphics engine updated (includes Shader Model 3.0 support).
– NEW: Enhanced server maintenance and configuration tool.
– NEW: Cfg.StartupWeapon (1-7), 0 – start weapon disabled.
– NEW: CPL console lockout option on dedicated servers.
– CHANGE: No callvoting non CTF maps while in CTF.
– CHANGE: Movement values tweaked to match 1.35.
– CHANGE: Players joining Duel servers to make 3+ games adjusted.
– FIX: Low level water in DM_Exmortis.
– FIX: Respawning errors in CTF_Forbidden.
– FIX: Stakegun shooting sound is now correct for all players.
– FIX: DM_Exmortis: low-resolution graphics errors fixed.
– FIX: Acid damage in DM_Exmortis works correctly.
– FIX: SMG will continue to do the firing with no ammo is fixed.
– FIX: DM_Fragenstien: Mirror Teleport with machine gun ammo works properly.
– FIX: Minor problems with “CDKey in use” on LAN have been fixed.
– FIX: Commando bright skins error in CTF is fixed.
– FIX: Faulty rocket jump when playing on the Internet bug fixed.
– FIX: Commando brightskins are fixed when on opposite CTF team.
– FIX: Miscellaneous MP timer issues.
– FIX: CTF flag issue
– FIX: Timer bug


– FIX: Items now disappear correctly.
– FIX: Demon morph mode is recorded in demos.
– FIX: Sometimes demos were playing with incorrect speed.

Good news is that 1.35 movement should be back.

Painkiller Banned in China

China View today released a statement in which 50 games have been banned. A few of the games that have been banned are well known titles such as Fifa 2005, Battlefield Vietnam and Painkiller: Battle Out of Hell.

This comes as a surprise to most people, as games such as Fifa 2005 contain no violence at all and have no real reason to be banned. Painkiller: Battle Out of Hell is also a surprise, but due to some of the content seen in the SinglePlayer portion of the game, I guess it can be justified.

The CPL World Tour also has a planned stop in China, which will come as bad news to them.. as they will now most likely have to replace China with another stop.

Tonya from the CPL has released a few words said by the CPL founder Angel Munoz which you can read below:

We have been working with the Chinese government and they are willing to make exceptions. However, if in the end the Chinese government does not cooperate, we can always move that event to somewhere else in Asia.

Hopefully we will get another update on this shortly, stay tuned.

(source: sk-gaming)


A third Painkiller.euro duel tournament is being planned, with signups growing near. The tournament is open to everyone, and will have an initial 64 player cap unless there is high demand for more places, in which case it will be upped.

I have posted an article with rules and information, which you can read here and if you have anymore questions.. don’t hesitate to contact me in IRC: #Painkiller.euro.