Filefront Review BooH

Quite a funny review this one with comments on the use of Havoc being my favourite bit of any BooH review yet. Catch the review HERE.

This is one of the greatest uses of the Havok engine I have seen yet: long after they are dead the silicon jiggles. The huge bags of flesh on their chest seem to have a life of their own

Good stuff 🙂

Carmac interviews Daler

Carmac has posted an interesting interview with Daler on over the weekend. The interview discusses Dalers views on his playing style, plus his thoughts on going “pro”. It’s a good read and well worth your time. Find the full interview HERE.

Aren’t you concerned that a game you dislike is going to be picked up? A bad version of UT for instance.

I personally will play any game, whether it be similar to Quake 3 or even UT. I am years behind the best in various respected games, but if it’s a game similar to that of UT, I would not be that disappointed. I personally had many things I dislike about even the current game, PainKiller, to the point where it is quite frustrating. However, right now I have overcome those problems to where I enjoy playing it at times. I guess if per say, even UT was the next big game that everyone would be playing, I would be disappointed and discouraged beforehand… but with time and practice, I would find to enjoy it. Although, UT does suck still to me :).