WT Stop #1 Registration

The registration for the first World Tour stop is now underway. The 1st official stop of the $1 million dollar “World Tour” will be 128 player, and will commence February 10-13th 2005.

The tournament game is Painkiller and the stop will offer a $50,000 cash purse with the following distribution. Additionally, the registered participants will be invited to participate in a free city tour and visit the following attractions.

Its about time this long awaited World Tour got started, and Im sure were in for some amazing games. Good luck to everyone that attends Turkey, youre going to need it. 🙂

You can register and find out more information here.

New fan site is comming soon

Hi all!
I think that most of you know my polish fan site (www.painkiller.blo.pl). I decided to make a English version and now you can see only language page. I havent a lots of time to translate everything by myself so I had to use automatic programms. Unfortunately there might be some mistakes.

Link to my website: http://www.pk-game.tk If it doesnt work try this http://painkiller.gry-online.pl (Ill try to find a nice domain 😉 )

If somebody want to help me or have any ideas please write an e-mail: neoxs@op.pl
If I finish, Ill write about it. See you soon……