DM_Fallen2 tourney version

There is a new version of DM_Fallen2 available for download. The new version was tweaked by gellehsak, and features such changes as:

2 rls, 1 lg, 1 sg, 1 ga, 1 sa, 1 mega, 6 25 health, 2 small lg packs, 1 large rl pack, 1 small rl pack, 1 freezer ammo pack, 3 cg ammo packs, 3 shiruken ammo packs, 3 shotgun ammo packs, 3 stake gun packs, mega moved to the center platform in the old-ga room, mega from center “pillar” in lava is now a 25h bubble, lg has 30 ammo on pickup, and the ammo packs have 15 each.

Its a very good edit to the map, and will make for much more exciting games. Fallen2 originally is pretty boring, as its mostly all LG with no exact flow. Hopefully The CPL will take a look at this.. and use it in their upcoming $20,000 tournament.

You can download the map here.


Extract the DM_Fallen2te.pkm to Painkiller/Data.

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    I remember during September 11th attacks I watched the smoke clouds from a distance and felt disheartened. I was in a state of disbelief that people could be so cruel. The important thing to remember is not to let it affect your way of life.

  2. parts of the map need to be changed if its going to be a good map, not just the item placement. i think im right in saying everyone hates the mh lava pit.

  3. imma use death metal.. and swedish death metal.. so that will be metal =D.. plus their one of my fav US bands XD

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