Turkey & Spain stops rescheduled

The CPL, as you can read in our previous newspost, postponed the first World Tour stop due to bad weather in Istanbul, Turkey earlier today. So because of this they had to reschedule some things.

The Turkey stop will now take place from March 25 to March 27, with the cultural tour in Istanbul being held on Tuesday, 24th March. The second stop in Barcelona, Spain has also been rescheduled, the cultural tour will take place on Thursday, 28 April followed by the PK tournament from Friday to Sunday, May 1.

Source: www.thecpl.com

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0 thoughts on “Turkey & Spain stops rescheduled

  1. blessing in disguise maybe? we will have pktv, fixed demo recording and more organised event come turkey…

    also means i can go watch Nas in concert on march 19th… yey yes!

  2. Still buggy i think they perfect version is 1.35, i used it to edit my film although it sucks for ffa , but as far as 1v1 its the shit. Not sure why they havent nailed it its been months and they cant get it right :0.

    Those who attend summer cpl , ill see you their 😉

  3. wtf u doin up at 6.15am razor! sheesh.

    I recon this will work out for the best, however i doubt it was planned like some peeps are suggesting, oh and hope the cpl gy who was injured in the truck crash is ok.. poor pc’s 😛

  4. I woke up to a phone call @ 8:00 AM to find out that the trip I’ve been planning for a month has been canceled. :/ I’m glad I found out before I got on a plane tho. I’ll see everyone in March 🙂

  5. a question by a new pk player, were there a lot of q3 haters as well as only a few people playing the game at one time?

  6. you know that scoop is so hard for pk b/c he is not one of the worst players in whole .de
    although he doesnt compete openly that often, hes stronger then most ppl would think.

    btw: comparing pk with cpma or even qw is PRETTY stupid, coz it plays fairly different. every1 that denies that, hasnt played the 3 games long enough.

  7. “a question by a new pk player, were there a lot of q3 haters as well as only a few people playing the game at one time?”

    In my opinion i never really saw alot of q3 bashing, the peopl who were bitching about it still played b/c everyone in the community was playing it. Things were alot different back then, there wasn’t a split between many games it was just q3 and that was it.

    You can thank the cpl for splitting the community when they introduced cs as their new official game. It’s obvious that cs is popular, but it lacked the same intensity that q3 did in its hay day.

    I’m not sure how well pk will catch on, but for now it’s fun and fast and i think that alone will draw more players. Oh and the community is much better in pk than cs, you don’t get many newbs who tell you to go @#!$@$ your mom and other such nonsense…

  8. even Vo0 does compare the games! I think having played cpma is at least not bad for pk. An puppetmasta, youre right, not as much flames as in cs!

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