Another day another update

Another small update is now available for the popular Painkiller mod PK++. This small update brings some minor tweaks and fixes, which you can see below:

FIX: Font sizes tweaked on scoreboard for lower resolutions and high resolutions.
FIX: DM_Mine loc file corruption
FIX: Small ProPlus telefrag bug
ADD: Timer position control Cfg.ShowTimerX/Cfg.ShowTimerY – Con. cmd(s) (\ShowTimerX & \ShowTimerY)
ADD: TeamOverlay position control Cfg.TeamOverlayX/Cfg.TeamOverlayY – Con. cmd(s) (\TeamOverlayX & \TeamOverlayY)
ADD: Teamscores position control Cfg.TeamScoresX/Cfg.TeamScoresY – Con. cmd(s) (\TeamScoresX \TeamScoresY)
ADD: TeamOverlay width control Cfg.TeamOverlayW – Con. cmd(s) (\Cfg.TeamOverlayX)
ADD: Timer font size control Cfg.ShowTimerFontSize – Con. cmd(s) (\ShowTimerFontSize)
ADD: Teamscores font size control Cfg.TeamScoresFontSize – con. cmd(s) (\TeamScoresFontSize)
ADD: Teamoverlay font size control Cfg.TeamOverlayFontSize – Con. cmd(s) (\TeamOverlayFontSize)

This update is just to fix some minor stuff, there will be a new content patch for PK++ in the near future.

Aside from that, if you still have questions or have suggestions or even want to contribute to this mod, please do not hesitate to contact us at this address

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0 thoughts on “Another day another update

  1. omg … the bots are out only a few days and ppl already start to complain …

    but i agree that the scoreboard looks to much q3ish

  2. masp, the bots need better waypoint files to play \’smarter\’, remember these are only the initial version, and improvements need to be gradual here… there\’s no magic AI plugin, \’smartness\’ is a Turing illusion.. if you have suggestions for specifically how, post here. Packet loss was left out of scoreboard since outside of Poland it is not a major issue for gamers, but will be added to the list. If you don\’t like the scoreboard then you use the old one (oldscoreboard 1), matchsticks and all.

  3. well outs, i dunno how it is out there, but in my country, most cable isps tend to have high PL, so its usually useful to have that info πŸ™‚

  4. btw, a new scoreboard was a great idea, but all those colors don’t fit painkiller’s environment. i think that a remake of the old one would be perfect; other thing, the console can’t be opened in the main menu, can it?

  5. Thanks for reply Outs and alpenbog. I know it’s a beta and I’m glad that pkeuro finally created bots for PK.I only hope they won’t stop working on it so I’m “complaining”;)I don’t know how to make them “smart”,I will be happy If they will pick up armors,rl and be a little faster.As for scoretable-it’s nice but to much q3 style.Maybe different,more “gothic” colours?

  6. “Turing illusion..”

    hehe paying attention in philosphy class is paying off.. i actually know what your talking about πŸ™‚

  7. “no cd patch pllzzzz”
    i play pk without cd… πŸ™‚ when i play with cd i have polish ver if without it… i have english version πŸ˜›
    but in poland there are only 2 cds for pk :>>

  8. sry guys, but we already had this at the beginning of pk.

    And plz add a crosshairpositionx
    and a crosshairpositiony
    for me.

  9. nice update. but the ammolist of minimod is still better cuz i dont see the weapons i dont have. little bit smaller and i can see quickly which i have or dont. πŸ˜€

    and btw is there a way to add some colors like osp did for q3? (for the nicks)

  10. have a problem from the biggining of pkplus mod
    that maxfps thing in pkgui. it doesnt remember my setting. i must go to the menu every time and move slider left and right to get the apply button and press it before i get it to work. unless i do that my fps isnt limited.

    btw, nice work and stuff, but i think you should stop adding new things and focus more on fixing/improving actuall stuff
    keep up the good work

  11. just wanted to say pk++ is an awesome mod and i’m impressed at the speed with which you come out with patches.

    I agree that the bots are bit ‘dumb’ at this point, but at least there is something to shoot at. They should at least have secondary goals associated with item control and using something other than the pain. The hard part is finding that balance especially since the q3 bots were such ass since they would always go for an item 1st even if they were in mid battle when the item spawned.

    also is there a way to add /writeconfig and /exe configs? Would be nice to have to switch between certain configs.

  12. i can’t install pk ++
    i’ve pk black etion
    this is the error:

    an error is occured while opening the file to be downloaded, Error:3

  13. hm dont know, i installed pk itself and pk++ a few times and theres the same crap wiuth sacred everytime again πŸ˜›

  14. install PK, Patch 1.61, Patch 1.62 and after this install Pk++ and use the autoupdate

    thx @ Pk++ Team– N1 Work

    btw: how could i activate this pro mode?

  15. 1. babozzo, you should ensure that PK is not running and the files are not read-only. If Steamfish fails due to connection problems, use the standalone installer.

    2. Falconoclaf, according to Angel and several other sources, PCF are working on demos ready to change them, hence why PK++ is not yet ‘fixing’ them. Spectator hud should work in demoplay-back, providing PCF still allow spectator while watching demos.

    3. Puppetmasta, in PK++ bots will ignore items while in close fights. Outside of fights, there’s currently a soft approach to bots locating items, which means a percentage of the time they will ignore them. These parameters for this (and most of the bot behaviours), as you say, are balanced and may require further tweaking. Where you will find the greatest improvement is bot gameplay though is when the community realise they can create the bots for each map, which hopefully should be soon (details in the readme files for how to start).

    4. zilijen, pk fps is capped online between 10-125 (default pk) and 10-150 (pk++). The reason for this is that fps is a network variable. Uncapping fps will cause excessively large uploads to occur when rendering becomes faster, such as when looking in menu. Such activity would flood and kill your connection. Listen server, not being online play, does not cap fps.

    5. aLpenbog, orion, noted.

  16. this was a joke, cause these settings where also avaible in chainsmod and pk++ get more and more like cm.

    btw thanks for the kickban last time outs πŸ˜‰


  17. orion? are you serious? position and font control were not even original to chains, but ideas from elsewhere. besides the fact that chains didn’t have custom spectator camera modes, hltv style mapview, specmode hud, spectator player stats, crosshairnames, loc support, map loading screens, custom scoreboard, team overlay, gui… let alone playable bots.. ‘pk++ get more and more like cm’ is your joke?

  18. Hm my pk also says: “Trying to load another map as it is on the server” if i want to play on a dedicated server … maybe somebody could upload his DM_Sacred anywhere so i can dl it and recopy? :>

  19. well… i can play sacred… but i cant play cursed ;/
    …. “Trying to load another map as it is on the server” or sht… ; /

  20. I like the way it’s similar to Q3.

    There’s nothing wrong with basing a mod off the greatest MP game there’s ever been imo. GJ guys.

  21. i had a bug during ht ematch i couldnt type or shoot i guess after i was fraged in sacred i just stop typing or shooting. Almost like if it was locked, I had to minimize and re-open to work πŸ™‚

  22. Some problems after first testing:

    1. I am unable to play some maps suddenly and I get script errors and stuffs and then it shuts painkiller down.. for example trainstation map.

    2. When creating a listen server I can not have the “autorecord” switch on in gui. Get an error and pk shuts down.

    3. Having some troubles with the crosshair, when I put it to color green it disappears and also I think when I choose some special crosshairs. Really annoying..

    This is what I have seen so far..

  23. @drekama:
    If you get script errors you have to over install 1.61 and 1.62 patches. After that over install PK++ 0.6.x and update it.

  24. q3 feeling??? where? the movement: different, ‘weapon handling’: different
    ect. ect.
    only the scorebord is “quake style”, but if you don’t want it, activate the old scorebord

  25. DI-MeisterM: Eeh? I did first install 1.61 and then 1.62 and after that PK++.. so you mean I have to reinstall everything?

  26. really gr8 changes in latest version! gj!
    please make that map won’t load again after every match! that would be great :>

  27. honestly why is everyone complaining about the q3 style hud? I like the new one so much better than the original PK scoreboard. You can actually figure out which team you are on and which team is winning. The people that are complaining need to ask themselves, new hud or /oldscoreboard 1 – that’s all there is to it. I’m sticking with the new one!

  28. i think you should make some changes regarding console commands
    proplus – instead of turnirng it on this command should give value of proplus cvar, and only “proplus 1” or “proplus 0” should change value.. think you should do that for all cvars.

  29. and yeah.. about that hud. many like that new hud. many dont. i personaly dont, but i kind of must use it because, althoug its in q3 style(i dont thing its a good thing) it’s 10 times better than the other hud. it would be nice to see 3rd scoreboard version. something more in a painkiller style, but with all the same features as previous one.

    and i think that demolist( or listdemos) doesnt work with my bot demos. can someone please confirm this.

  30. ive found no real issues apart from the fps issue. i max it at 125, join a agame play np, when i load game again it uncaps and i have to set it again. :S

    on a side not what is the optimum fps? 125, 150 etc? atm i believe it to be 125.

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