Run Steamfish:PK++ 0.7

Theres a new update available for your favorite PK mod! It has some new features as there is scoreboard packetloss, referee, restartmap,…Please bear in mind 0.7 is still a beta version. If you have questions/suggestions, contact us at Read the full list of fixes and features below:

FIX: Ping issues on PK++ server
FIX: Map change code tweak (related to autorecord)
FIX: Demolist
FIX: Crosshairsize now works correct from the menu
FIX: Armour not showing in spectator mode in simplehud
FIX: Bots stubbing noses in fights on corners
ADD: Optional coloured icons for hud Cfg.ColouredIcons | \colouredicons [0/1]
ADD: Optional desaturated-colour scoreboard Cfg.AltScoreboard | \altscoreboard [0/1]
ADD: Cfg.CustomCrosshairLocation = true/false , Cfg.CustomCrosshairLocationX, Cfg.CustomCrosshairLocationY
ADD: Restartmap , starts new map without reloading the map (or optionally \restartmap)
ADD: Cfg.BotQuickRespawn added for quicker bot respawn
ADD: Cfg.BotFakePing (visual only)
ADD: \saferespawn [0/1]
ADD: Forcespec / Cfg.Forcespec – forces newcomers to a game into specmode regardless of join type
ADD: Cfg.AutoTeamLock = true/false – Automatically locks the teams in the last second on pre-match count down
ADD: TeamLock | teamlock [0/1] – keeps specs from joining game.
ADD: \exec | \writeconfig added
ADD: Rcon, Cfg.RconPass | \rconpass on client and server, then \rcon on client
ADD: Referee. Like rcon but only on callvote-allowed commands. Referees can be callvoted, or use RefPass in the same way as RconPass.
ADD: Scoreboard packetloss Cfg.ScoreboardShowPacketLoss [true/false] | \ScoreboardShowPacketLoss [0/1]
ADD: DuelQueue (Cfg.DuelQueue), will swap loser with spec who has waited longest on starting a new map
ADD: Cfg.AutoStatsDump – Dumps the weapon stats to a file (on server or client).
CHANGE: Bot goal location movement tweak
CHANGE: Cfg.CrosshairNamesDisabledInDuel added
CHANGE: Game uses restartmap for normal map changes
CHANGE: botminplayers logic tweaked
CHANGE: Falling damage removed from ProPlus mode
CHANGE: Logfile now based per day rather than per server restart per day
CHANGE: StatsDump fixed to request latest stats

As usual, download the update via Steamfish. If you dont have a previous version of PK++, download Steamfish installer first and run it. For those who need an offline install get the full version here.

Your beloved newsposter

*UPDATE* Minor scoreboard bug fixed, run Steamfish again to update.

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0 thoughts on “Run Steamfish:PK++ 0.7

  1. FIX: Bots stubbing noses in fights on corners
    ADD: Cfg.BotQuickRespawn added for quicker bot respawn
    ADD: Cfg.BotFakePing (visual only)
    CHANGE: Bot goal location movement tweak CHANGE: botminplayers logic tweaked

    hu ? :p do you know reading ? :))

  2. pro plus mode no fall damage, but that sucks, it is hilarious so see some fall to their death, no matter what game or what map, this isn’t halo2 :P, best halo 1 moment was dieing from falling on wizard

  3. MasP, you’re obviously seeing or interpreting a different behaviour to the one which was fixed which was a special case where the bots became stuck for a short period. As for Armour and RL and other items, it is dependent not on the bot behaviour, but on the waypoint files (although there is a degree of behaviour purely based on items, but not enough to navigate around the map based on it).

    The ones shipped with PK++ were done in a very short amount of time to get the first version out, but they were shipped with the tools for users to construct and contribute back into PK++.

    So far only sacred’s waypoint file has been updated slightly, and you can see the improvements around silver and megahealth, although more improvements can be made elsewhere (such as GA).

    The bot behaviour algorithm improvements are independent to waypoints, and although the bot behaviour has been improved, if you are still using the same waypoint files, you will not see much difference.

    Details of how you construct your own waypoint files are there, please help improve the bots, since 80% of the bots’ smartness comes purely from well-configured waypoint files, and well-configured waypoint files takes time and experimentation to create, which is outside the realms of purely coding it.

    In short, open up the map file you wish to improve in \data\waypoints, and delete all content. Start PK++, add a bot, and in the console type:
    \botattack 0

    You can then use \addwaypoint to add waypoints to the map file. The waypoints are prefixed in the file with the Loc location names to help identify them. If you wish to edit/delete the waypoints from the waypoint file, save and reload without quitting PK, you can do so using the \reloadwaypoints command.

    If you edit the file by hand, be sure not to add any additional line returns or change the format of the file in any other way.

  4. ‘pro plus mode no fall damage, but that sucks, it is hilarious so see some fall to their death, no matter what game or what map, this isn’t halo2 :P, best halo 1 moment was dieing from falling on wizard’

    ‘i don’t that neither.. why no falling damage? is that pro nowadays? :/’

    Changes to ProPlus are not changes to the core of the game, or even as it stands to the version to be used in the CPL currently, if that defines ‘Pro’. ProPlus is an experimentation area for the changes long called for by the community as a whole and more specifically by a large number of CPL players on the forums.

    Even so, for all the discussion, there’s nothing as good as proof by testing for many of the game changes discusssed (you can find the original link in the todo readme).

    The decision to remove falling damage was lead by two core reasons; that being that firstly it was a shared opinion of many players that for the majority of PK’s duel maps, this wasn’t a suitable damage-type, and second to this, and more importantly, it was introduced to a work around to a PK bug, that being that when clients get stuck sometimes, a velocity bug causes them to die even though they are at ground level.

    As humourous as some deaths due to falling are, a bug like this in a major tournament, playing for money, where a player gets stuck and spontaneously dies for no apparent reason, is not something which could be tolerated.

  5. does anyone realy think that the bots can be smart egnuf to play like a real person… stop whajn about it.. if u dont like the bots play online or dont play at all.. i say nothing to people who comes witch ideas “this could make the bots better” bot the one who goes “the bots sucks they are’nt smarter then me” plz dont play vs bots…

    sry for my super eng ๐Ÿ˜›

    hugs and kisses from me ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. Oops, someone forgot to add \ammolisthideweapons [0/1] (Cfg.AmmolistHideWeapons) * to the changelog ๐Ÿ™‚

    *hides weapons you don’t have.

  7. ok pk++ guys i do you favor you do me one, i post on community news when there is an update (like ive been doing since .6 but wutever) and you add in no-cd so my complex life of draging my cd\’s with me wherever i go will be less complex kthnx heart sign thanks for updates keep them comin

  8. ok a few ideas for the next update:

    all these config commands we got going here, make it so that when you type in cfg. into console it’ll show you a BIG list of all the commands available to do. I have no idea how to mess with my config, though i’m sure that if i had any clue that some of these commands existed, i’d be a happy person

    make something that allows us all the view demos like in CS. you know fast forward, rewind, pause, etc.

    uhhh. there was other stuff, but i forget it.

    AMAZING job on this so far guys. really. top notch work. keep it up. i love the bots btw. damn them and their random ass stakes. ๐Ÿ™

  9. ” it was introduced to a work around to a PK bug, that being that when clients get stuck sometimes, a velocity bug causes them to die even though they are at ground level. ”

    I agree that this is a problem, but i’m not so sure the best way to fix it is to remove falling damage within the game. This is probably the best ‘temporary’ fix until they can fix the velocity bug.

    The only problem I can see this having is that falling damage can come into play on a map like sacred where it is very vertical in some places (GA to main portal room). Would really suck to die from falling in a situation like that.

    This once again an awesome update and I continue to be amazed at your turn around time. I think i posted a comment about including exec and writeconfig maybe last week and now we have it ๐Ÿ™‚

    Also I have always been curious why you are invincible in warmup mode. I know in q3 you spawn with 100/100 all weaps, but you weren’t invincible. Was a nice way to tell how much damage you were doing while warming up. Would it be hard to include that in the next pk++ update? Maybe just a setting that you can could vote for? Does anyone else think this is something they would like? Maybe you could spawn with 200/200 with all weaps since the pk weaps are so powerful.

    Thanks again for all of your awesome support!!

  10. Yeah, I would like a warmup mode where you have all the guns and full armor/health when you spawn. I only played warmup mode when I played quake3 with my friends on LAN ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. great job on the bots

    would like to see them able to play voosh and be able to use painliller though ๐Ÿ˜‰

  12. i agree with puppetmasta on the last part there ๐Ÿ™‚

    And you gotta make as many cmds accessable in the GUI (il only use GUI)

  13. “agree with puppetmasta on the last part there ๐Ÿ™‚

    And you gotta make as many cmds accessable in the GUI (il only use GUI)”

    i third that, theres so much “hidden” features that i dont know about. I just look at gui, if it aint there, i missed it :(. so pleeease cram as much stuff as possible in the gui, pllllzzz for the love of noobs ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. The reason for not putting a lot of stuff in the gui could be because they are not meant for tournament play. In a tourney like cpl you would want players to play on pretty much same settings besides for your basic control keys and minor hud graphics.

  15. Here is my suggestions for change for coming versions:

    1. Be able to kill in warmup mode (vote to enable), have 200/200!

    2. Create a demoplayer in the gui.. you have the demolist command, just put another menu in the gui called Demos for playing them up without the need to start up a game everytime and so on. Would also be nice to create a external demoplayer by just clicking the .pkd files but that is just a bonus.

    3. Be able to take away the \’net-score\’ from the scoreboard.

    4. Be able to see all the commands that starts with a certain letter, for example: Typing bot then tab key you get all the commands that starts with bot (botminplayers, botskill etc). I think minimod has such a feature, it is really good for newbies and to be reminded about the commands.

    5. Personally I would like to see that a demo recording stops after you played one map (ie. changing map). Either you forget to stop it when changing map or you do not have time enough to stop it before changing map. All this is very annoying when looking at a demo which continues over a map change, loading new maps and stuffs.

    6. And please add Simple items / super low gfx mode AND Show HUD on demo playback from the TODO list, these features everyone wants more or less.

    That is all for now.. looking forward to next release!

  16. Nevermind about #4.. it’s already done, did not check that up on the latest version, sorry. Good Job.. But the rest should be valid for being changed. Thanks!

  17. minus? Hmm, ofc I assume you don’t mean console spam since that would be a little unfair in duels if global, so I’ll assume you either mean local hud or local console.

    But wouldn’t it create a certain amount of update spam given the number of items picked up? Or I assume you might mean for core items, but I don’t understand why on-screen text would help you any more than the pickup sound or seeing from armour/health/ammo/weapon/world that you had.

    Perhaps you mean something else though? You need to explain more.

  18. blowfish, are the rocket physics a core change?

    Is there a way to incorporate changing how the rockets speed you up in 1.62? This might be out of your hands, but I thought i’d ask since this is the main reason the pk community is withering away into nothing.

  19. well
    my pc cant load cd1…
    it loads, loads, loads and nothing happens (ok… windows isnt working, till i put the CD out) The only way to install it was XPs safe mode… but its useless to start the game there.

  20. @henker

    either you go to the shop where u’ve bought the game, and try to get a workin cd from ’em, or u get a nocd (although it’s illegal, so forget it)

    erm. one question
    does it have something to do with pk++ ? oO

  21. not really… but someone asked for nocd in pk++ so ein mentoined my problem.
    And the CD works well as i said, it works on safe mode and on other pcs.

  22. “I thought i’d ask since this is the main reason the pk community is withering away into nothing.”

    I’m starting to think the lack of demo play is a HUGE problem.

  23. agreed. no-one realised demos make these tournaments worth following as you can then watchh em afer. A pity really/

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