PK 1.61 – changelog



– NEW: Multiplayer maps: Battle Out of Hell maps included.
– NEW: Multiplayer maps: Ritual CPL Dueling maps included.
– NEW: Multiplayer map: DM_Exmortis included.
– NEW: Multiplayer modes: Capture the Flag and Last Man Standing included.
– NEW: Multiplayer weapons: SMG and Boltgun/Heater included.
– NEW: Custom lscripts.pak (painkiller.exe -lscripts filename.pak).
– NEW: 1.5+ networking core included.
– NEW: 1.5+ graphics engine updated (includes Shader Model 3.0 support).
– NEW: Enhanced server maintenance and configuration tool.
– NEW: Cfg.StartupWeapon (1-7), 0 – start weapon disabled.
– NEW: CPL console lockout option on dedicated servers.
– CHANGE: No callvoting non CTF maps while in CTF.
– CHANGE: Movement values tweaked to match 1.35.
– CHANGE: Players joining Duel servers to make 3+ games adjusted.
– FIX: Low level water in DM_Exmortis.
– FIX: Respawning errors in CTF_Forbidden.
– FIX: Stakegun shooting sound is now correct for all players.
– FIX: DM_Exmortis: low-resolution graphics errors fixed.
– FIX: Acid damage in DM_Exmortis works correctly.
– FIX: SMG will continue to do the firing with no ammo is fixed.
– FIX: DM_Fragenstien: Mirror Teleport with machine gun ammo works properly.
– FIX: Minor problems with “CDKey in use” on LAN have been fixed.
– FIX: Commando bright skins error in CTF is fixed.
– FIX: Faulty rocket jump when playing on the Internet bug fixed.
– FIX: Commando brightskins are fixed when on opposite CTF team.
– FIX: Miscellaneous MP timer issues.
– FIX: CTF flag issue
– FIX: Timer bug


– FIX: Items now disappear correctly.
– FIX: Demon morph mode is recorded in demos.
– FIX: Sometimes demos were playing with incorrect speed.

Good news is that 1.35 movement should be back.

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