The purpose of this survey is for pha3z and I to compile some demographic and psychographic information about the painkiller community. The statistics we compile from this informal poll will be used to help us get sponsorship for our map, meatless, which will be used in the CPL World Tour. We hope that everyone will take the couple minutes to complete this survey – your time is very valuable to us.

If you wish to take the survey, you may post here with your response, or if you would rather do it by email so your information will not be made public on this forum, you may email your answers to:

Your personal information will not be given seen by anyone except pha3z and myself (unless you post it here), except in that it will be a part of our compilation of statistics.

Just fill this in:

Occupation (student is an acceptable answer):
Yearly Income (if you get allowance or money from parents, take a guess at how much you get in a year):

Thanks guys!

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