Just a quick word about our servers. They are now up and running on the gamemode TDM, and a maxconnect of 2. Our servers are provided by our sponsor ukgamer and are run on top of the range hardware, so they should be pretty stable. The Ips are:

PKEURO.COM [1]|14ms|
PKEURO.COM [2]|21ms|

The servers are located in the United Kingdom, so they should provide fairly decent pings to most of europe. There will be a 3rd server up fairly soon also from what I gather. More details on that one soon.

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0 thoughts on “NEW NEWS! PKEURO Servers Now Up

  1. I think some of the nice bits I liked were that the mp is not for noobs, something which I always felt was an issue with q3. Still all good noises coming from the team in the other aspects of the game also

  2. I would have liked to know spesifics about demo recording and how it will work. Will it be multiview? Can you script cameramovement? Can you fly around as you please in a demo to get angels etc.. Will you have to use Fraps (or something that does the same job) or can it export by itself like Q3/HL engine.

  3. I’m sure they will make the effort to make it CPL’able, either directly or very soon in the mods.

    Let’s be fair that HLTV was an impressive way to watch a boring game 🙂 Something to watch an better game in the same way would be great.

  4. oooh very nice, though it didn’t help me any at the moment this is exactly the kind of things that need to appear 😛

  5. good work 🙂
    i dont know if some people still have that strage lag on spawn, but i suppose it can be fixed via the fpsmp command setting it higher

  6. one thing u forgot blowfish thats the usbhack or patch whatever set ur mouse 2 1000hz standard is 125hz crap, then u got very smooth gameplay but only work with db or mx518 or set it 2 500hz for older mouses

  7. maybe, but this is very much a hack …

    Even if you did this, your monitor would not support anything much above 120-150Hz on reasonable resolutions, and therefore becomes a limiting factor of perceived ‘lag’. c.f. as good as your mouse is, if you play at 10fps your ‘mouse’ will feel laggy due mainly to that.

    Additionally even if you could achieve 1000Hz and enjoy the input latency reduction (which I am sure feels better locally), your network connection would limit you being able to benefit from this fully at a network level. The 100/125 recommendation is as much about upstream bandwidths as it is about usb/ps2 rates.

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