pkeuro 16 player invite tourney

Painkiller.euro 16 Player Invitational Tournament


1. Vo0 – confirmed
2. SteLam confirmed
3. Stermy – confirmed
4. Gellehsak – confirmed
5. impulse – confirmed
6. AphexTwin – confirmed
7. Ztrider – confirmed
8. zhrance – confirmed
9. CPLains – confirmed
10. razorb – confirmed
11. Forrest – confirmed
12. Burnie – confirmed
13. Hiten – confirmed
14. elpajuo – confirmed
15. Mad – confirmed
16. Sakh – confirmed

16 confirmed players – seeded


The Painkiller.euro 16 player invitational tourney will be held on 6/11/2004. The tournament will feature 16 top european gamers (hopefully), not all exclusively proven to be good at Painkiller, but they will have their chance to prove that. We are providing this tournament to give the players a chance to experience a little taste of what they will see at The CPL, and also for the community.. to see what great spectator potential this game really has. The tourney will be straight knock-out format.


* A legitimate copy of Painkiller with a valid cd-key is required to play in this tournament. Along with that, you will require the latest patch. (1.35) Mods such as “minimod” may be used also.

* Admins will call the players in turn to the server to play the matches. Players are to remain in the channel and not join the server unless requested to by an admin.

* At the end of the match, both players will leave the server and return to IRC.

* All matches will be played on pkeuro supplied servers. These will be based in the UK.

* Power-ups will be disabled.

* Forward Rocketjump will be disabled.

* Time-Limit will be 15 & Frag Limit will be 0.

* Brightskins will be on.

* WeaponStay will be off & Weapon Respawn will be 15.

* Best of 3 maps will be played. Each player will pick there own map, and the 3rd map out of the map list not chosen will be the 3rd map played.


The maps to be used are:

* DM_Sacred
* DM_Psycho
* DM_Fallen2te (DM_Fallen2 tourney edition) – Can change to default Fallen2 if players want.

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