BasePK map reviews

Back in the day when Painkiller was new to us all, I put together three map reviews to help everyone get upto speed. The map reviews were for DM_Illuminati, DM_Mine and DM_Fragenstein. Now we seem to have picked up some more interest again (no idea why 😉 ), feel free to have a look over the reviews and make my hard work worth the effort 🙂

DM_Illuminati DM_Mine DM_Fragenstein

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0 thoughts on “BasePK map reviews

  1. [17:42] * Now talking in #praise-be-to-coda
    [17:42] * Topic is ‘coda fans unite!’
    [17:42] * Set by relic on Sat Mar 06 17:38:52
    [17:42] [Blowfish] lol
    [17:42] [relic] 😀
    [17:45] * relic sets mode: +o Blowfish
    [17:45] * relic sets mode: +k weliveforcoda
    [20:15] * relic changes topic to ‘to do list: find out where coda lives, find out coda’s favourite meal, cook his favourite meal for him and leave it on his doorstep’
    [01:40] [Blowfish] ROTFL

  2. When will you guys learn??
    Coda is a machine.. Therefor, NOT alive.
    You didnt really think one person could be so spawny did you?!

  3. 1) illuminati/mine arent 1v1 maps, and i dont see any organized tdm anytime soon
    2) fragenstein has !3! spawnpoints, which makes it ridiculously… ridiculous.

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