Winter CPL Player List

The signups for the Winter CPL have begun and a LOT of big names are signed up and ready for action. To name a few: Vo0, Stermy, nts`zen, SK|zyz, SK|GitzZz, C_Lains, Aim, Cha0ticz, Daler, Stelam, proZaC, Lexer and of course Fatal1ty. The competition should provide some indications of form for those who tried Painkiller previously and moved on to other games, only to return now that CPL have moved behind Painkiller.

I only hope that the CPL can manage to record demos this time…

You can catch the entire list of signups here.

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0 thoughts on “Winter CPL Player List

  1. Really… i dunno if that was utterly stupid or briliant.

    200 cd’s u payed for them?

    In any case that u have detention for that is just crap.

    admitting u got balls or are just fucked up in the head,


  2. I have loads of cds at home .
    And i never imagined that i could get detention for it ?

    I did it afterschoolhours ?
    and i prefer your first option

  3. Sorry, but those ex u2k4 top players. I dont really have faith in them. I mean, i played burnie a few days ago, and I must say, he haz a good aim. But he isnt made for pk. Really.

  4. UT has a lot of hitscan. PK has the mini and shaft. Gitzzz has crazy hitscan aim. I think all of these great players have a shot. No matter which game they come from. As I said, it will be fun to see these matchups play out.

    I don’t know how much “Faith” I need, for any particular “side”. I’m just here to watch all the madness unfold. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. hehe well eSrem, most of them just started so it’s normal if they still have some problems :p but it will be sorted out in some weeks i think ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Yea, tbh Nellkee, i think they will become awesome. But they need to work hard, real hard. Because the ‘old’ players wont sit still either.

  7. i think that ut2004 players like gitzzz have a big enough skillset to fairly quickly learn pk. Perhaps aiming is different, but players of that calibre probably adapt pretty fast. And i expect that the movement in ut2004 isnt easier than pk’s.

  8. I think especially when on full speed (28) in combat. You have to avoid small ledges to be launched in air, or lose speed. And avoid rockets to be splashed in the direction u are moving.

  9. the ut2k4 movement is much more easy than the movement in pk in my oppinion collencted for the last few days playing pk i think that the movement is stoned , i mean u cant make all the moves you would like to do.

  10. eSrem did u see how much Burnie plays? fucking hell every time that Im on irc i see him looking for a 1on1 and I dont think that hes seeking that much coz nobody responds to it but i heard that he played over 15 pcws a day

  11. Looks like Fatal1ty has stepped up his game and the rest of the community is finally catching up to Vo0 :D. This World Tour should turn out amazing!

  12. Anybody that shows up and plays hard should get props. Someone or anyone losing to anybody else is nothing to make a big deal about. These are all great players. For christ sakes…

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