Single Player Competition

PKEURO are looking for the baddest, meanest single player players out there to enter a little competition. Now that BooH brings us in-game demo recording for Single Player, we want you to beat the pulp out of each of the Major Bosses (all bosses taken down will be considered for prizes) using only the Quad damage card (4x damage) in the fastest time possible, and record yourself doing it. Note, please set Showweapon to 1. We will not be able to see your HUD in demos but at least it would be nice to see your weapon 🙂

The time will be measured from the *edit* The start of the level */edit* to when he falls to the floor defeated. The winners will not only get put up in our role of honour page, but also win one of our elusive Painkiller T-Shirts.

Well keep the competition open for some time, and give you notice about a week before it ending. Get in touch with me via email once you have a demo and we will arrange an FTP site for you to up it to, or you can email it to me HERE if the file is less than 10mb.

Hope to see some kick ass demos soon 🙂 Good Luck!

(note, we are getting some reports of recording in single player, not playing back. Please make sure you can playback your demos yourself before submitting them)


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0 thoughts on “Single Player Competition

  1. I will vouch for the T-Shirts we’re giving away, they rock.

    You can even ask Blowfish, he goes night clubbing in his all the time.

    Good luck all!

  2. Now that BooH brings us in-game demo recording for Single Player <– only for sp ? 🙁

    “how can i bring down the console in menue?” <– would be intrested too

  3. Where have you been hiding Sandra?? We have lots of MP demos in our demo section linked in the Nav Bar.

    As for the second question, I answered that in the post above yours?

  4. yeah, but jabbor wasnt playing serious half of the game. Still i think it was like 9-1 when he started using the pain.

  5. i think the reason he got the pk out was coz he allready knew he was gonna lose .. so it wasnt that he wasnt tryin, ztrider is a great player so it was as to be expected ;/ jabbor did well on sacred tho 🙂

  6. ye. I was watchin on the play center. The sacred match was intense!.. UL jabb0r matey. Not trying to steal Ztriders glory tho, he played a Very solid game on both maps.

    5quid > absinthe tbh.
    i cant help but think things may have played out differently if it was 1.35. As it was at the start.

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