Lukin has posted on the CPL Forums with a new duel map he has been working on. The map is in early stages of development with the geometry, some basic textures and item placements all in place. From my first bounce around the map, its looks fairly tight with plenty of room for good jumping/movement skills to dominate.

The map weighs in at 7MB and can be downloaded HERE. We will have it on our pkeuro servers shortly for those of you with v1.35 to try out. Note that Lukin does recommend playing the map in BooH due to the slime. Let us know your thoughts in the comments 🙂

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  1. Feels kinda like thebalist to me. My first runaround entailed picking up the ED about 10 times before I even saw the RL.. it seems like the RL is a bit out of the way compared to the ED. Should be the other way around IMO.. and you pick up the ED and SG at the same time practically.

  2. Oh yeah.. I didn’t have any extra rocket or chain ammo when I picked up the RL after running around the map for like 5 minutes.. not sure if you have any ammo for the RL on there at all aside from the 5 rockets in the RL.

  3. Pretty nice.

    I agree about the point of 2 much ed ammo. another thing is the lower rl has no point 2 it cus it a dead end and a risky place 2 go just for a rl…maybe u could place a mh there or could make that whle section a small room with sum kind of machine that is dripping with the green slime and have rl and mh there… 😡

  4. Thanks for feedback guys.
    1. Taking shotgun with an electro at once was a mistake definitely. I moved sg out there.
    2. I switched electro with rl (that one near MH). I tried to move ED into this room with dead end, but then two RLs were to close to each other. I gonna to drop SA to this small room and then swith GA with MH.
    3. Removed ammo for electro and one pack of shurikens. I switched lonely “chaingun bullets pack” witch an ammopack and added two big boxes of rockets and one chaingun ammo box.
    New version of the map should be aviable for download in next week. I just need to figure out how to make this slime/lava-thing working in pk1.35

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