Feel the Pain! – Powered by TsN

Noticed on Painkillers official forum, theres a thread created by TsN|Stile with the announcement of a brand new TsN show; Feel the Pain. The new show will feature such things as exclusive interviews, detailed analysis of the maps, the 1v1 scene and will have a unique guest for every single show.

You can tune into the show every Wednesday night at 8pm EST. For more information, please visit tsncentral.com.

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0 thoughts on “Feel the Pain! – Powered by TsN

  1. Well, nice post Maniax.

    I found out the same stuff, long time ago.
    Let me explain. I’m very sience-minded, I look for an explanation for everything, want to know how everything works.
    One day, u’ll be in a discussion and some guy is saying some stuff thats total wrong. I used to react and say it was bs. But i know i dont have the biggest mouth (and suck in discussions) .. so he’ll talk and talk, and all the ohter will believe him. And they are happy with it. Its their truth.

    So now, i just let the ass tell everyone that bs, they are happy with their truth, but i have my own, and im happy too ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m even in the better position, cos i got a funny story to tell meh-not-stupid friends :p

    I know thats not exactly what u ment with ur column, but its an example of the truth AND the truth ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I also found out that i have the gift to talk .
    I am not very clever … yet i can persuade many people .
    It s all about presentation .

  3. The best thing would be:
    a guy who has the gift to talk, and knows a lot. then he should teach people wrong stuff, and have a laugh in his fist :p

  4. a fine example of omnisofos:

    y’all think these ideas are maniax’s… while all he did was steal (borrow) my philosophy and forgot to mention who he got it from… not the 1st time he did some like this… dont worry about it tho, i feel honoured =]


  5. YEAH!! Really nice.. Only thing is…

    IT’S 3AM CET !!! .. Really fucks up the day to stay up that long .. Hope it’s possible to download or something.. Always so late.. Hate it %ยค#”ยค42 :<<

  6. Ztrider, that was the opinion of one person on the show, not everyone. If you listened enough, you’d realize that I actually know a lot about the game and the North American 1v1 community.

  7. yeah i know a few members are very knowledgeable and pretty good players, some of those guys were way off tho :p

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