Jolt PCZone PK Tourney

Jolt are to run another PCZone tournament for Painkiller this month, the tournament which has a pretty cool prize pool will start towards the end of January and will be single elimination.

If you’re looking for some extra hardware, or just want to have some Painkiller fun, you can sign up for the tournament here.

The tournament is open to all residents of Europe.

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0 thoughts on “Jolt PCZone PK Tourney

  1. this is a great movie tectonic, good job. I have one gripe, i wish map developers would attempt to stick to the medieval gothic theme painkiller brings, im sick of the q3 trancy maps. lol neways..great map, it plays pretty good, should be a decent comp map.

  2. Why the new map(0.65)and old map(0.6) has a Elector Ammo Pack?But I don’t find the weapon(Elector) in the both version.

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